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Every living thing needs water. It is the source of life. It is needed in our daily activities like cooking, bathing, cleaning and a lot more. Every day, we use the clean tap water that comes from our faucets which is included in our household bills. If we try to think outside the box and try to consider other sources where we can get water, then comes in our mind is the rainwater. It is free and abundant, and it certainly has its usefulness if we simply know how to recycle it. Recycling rainwater is a practical way to conserve water to lessen water bills and would also help us appreciate its importance to our environment. Here is some method to recycle rainwater:

The most inexpensive method is to use empty containers like jugs, cans or gallons. Just place these containers right below your roof gutter where the rainwater falls and these will fill in the containers. Just remember to thoroughly clean your roof and gutters of dirt and other debris to ensure cleanliness of rainwater filling your containers.

You can also make use of a large container tank to collect the rainwater. Although a bit costly because you have to buy one that is made of steel and fiber glass for more durability plus some pumping system and installation, it is still considered useful in the long run. The recycled rainwater collected in the tank can be used for cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning the surrounding areas and for watering plants.

Recycling rainwater is also practiced in some buildings which have what they call rainwater tanks. These collect the rainwater that is usually used to water the gardens and for cleaning purposes. The collected rainwater in these tanks can be stored to be used during the dry months.

The rain barrel is also a good container for recycling rainwater. This is more expensive to use but for just purposes of information, the rain barrel is good for collecting rainwater from rooftops. You can use the rainwater for watering your plants and lawns and for cleaning purposes too.

Another way to collect and recycle rainwater is to divert it to some parts of the lawn or streets where there are trees and plants that may need it. Instead of letting the rainwater drop through the sewerage system, you make some sort of shallow cuts or pathways leading the rainwater into where most plants and trees are, thereby watering them instantly. This is usually helpful during the dry season where recycled rainwater contained in rainwater tanks is used to water the plants.

The importance of recycling rainwater is now being given due importance by most environmentalists and industries. They know that recycling rainwater is good for the environment and beneficial to humanity. Although its usage is solely for cleaning purposes and for watering plants, and not for drinking, it is still a good method to conserve our water natural resources.

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