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One of the most common personality traits that need some working on is shyness. There is always a tendency for people to be shy in many situations. You may not make it to a job you are interested in and you lose the opportunity of making friends with others due to your shyness. There are some good tips to overcome shyness and they are just as practical to apply in different situations.

For starters, take a good look at yourself and try to analyze what makes you shy in the first place. If you feel it’s about your physical appearance, then try to fix yourself and dress up appropriately for the occasion. Make a list of what are the things and the situations that trigger your shyness.

In relation to the above, this paves the way for you to build up yourself confidence. Just think positive thoughts and keep telling yourself that you are just as good if not better than most of the people and that you have something special to share with them.

Don’t let disappointments bother you or better yet don’t allow the feeling of rejection overpower you. You may think that people may do this to you so you shy away, that should not be the case. Just try to feel comfortable around the people and let positive thoughts into your mind. You can start by being with your family and close friends who will help you boost your confidence in situations like these.

It is always a good habit to smile in a crowd. This somehow helps in mustering some of your shyness. Smiling and adding some eye contact to people who would find you nice to talk to would be a good way to make friends. If you need to laugh, do it with ease and subtlety as a response to something funny, and this also good to ease out some tension you are possibly feeling inside you.

Try to talk clearly and make sense in your conversation, so you won’t feel uncomfortable instead of mumbling or talking too softly. That way, you would feel relaxed when people respond to you during conversations.

Don’t try to look away or look busy with something when actually you’re not. If you do this, people are likely to pass you by instead of talking to you.

Let yourself get involved in community work, because this gives you the chance to interact with people so you can overcome your shyness. If possible, get a job that involves talking to people on a daily basis so in the long run you will be reducing your shyness. You can also go out with your friends and do some karaoke singing. This is a fun way to ease out your shyness.

If you are really bent on getting rid of your shyness, it has to start with yourself because nobody can do it for you. Just always remember that you’re not the only shy person in the world, and there are no legitimate reasons why you should be shy in the first place. It is just a matter of positive attitude and some assistance from friends and family that should be important to you to overcome your shyness.

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