How to Overcome Insecurity


The feeling of insecurity hampers the success of a person who wants to achieve in life. The feeling of insecurity may be due to lack of self confidence brought about by unpleasant experiences, relationships and other emotional factors. There some guidelines to overcome insecurity in your life.

• You can start by accepting what and who you are. Then, work your way to make a list of things that make you insecure and make plans on how to solve them. Talking about your insecurity to your family is a good way to let it out. You can also seek professional help of a counselor regarding this.

• Try to assess your feelings and become more aware of them, so you would know how to react to a situation when you feel insecure about.

• Think rationally about your decisions. Take time to analyze and reflect before doing anything.

• It is good to accept and realize that you are not perfect, so you are bound to make some mistakes. You can always take time to plan and focus on what you have to do.

• Try to be more assertive in things you have to do. Don’t let negative thoughts go into your head.

• Try to focus and do the best you can. Try to be on the lookout for things you may have missed out, so you can redo whatever mistake that may have occurred.

• Try to take things one step at a time. Take things slowly. Do what you can at your own pace. This will slowly build up your self esteem.

• Try to confront yourself with the problems instead of buckling down and staying away. Think positive that you can do it as good as the other person.

• You have to believe in something good. If you believe in your faith, try to extend it to your own belief on how to deal with things in your daily life. Insecurity usually gets into your mind if you don’t have enough belief in anything. So try to believe in yourself and in what you can do.

• Always think positive. That is an effective way to counter your negativity. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones and apply them immediately. Make yourself feel good for things you did well and learn to reward yourself every time you accomplish something really nice.

The key here is to enjoy life. How would you enjoy life if you are so insecure? The need to realize should make you do away with any insecurity you feel. Your insecurity should be limited or avoided just as much as you like your life to be happy. It’s your choice to make your life happy and fulfilled because it is a life that you deserve.

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  • The premise of the article is that to overcome your insecurities you just need to think positively. Yet by their very nature, insecure people are negative. They don't think they're good enough or powerful enough. I'm not sure this article is of any help to someone who is reaching out for help overcoming their feelings of insecurity.

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Jason Ladock