How to Get Rid of Congested Ears

If you happen to have something in your ears that make you feel uncomfortable, you have to check this out. Your ears are for good hearing so chances are if you don’t take care of your ears, then you are losing something very important as part of your complete self. The ears as well as the rest of your body should be taken care of. If you are suffering from congested ears, there are some practical ways to prevent and avoid it.

One of the most common causes of clogged ears is a cold. This may not be usually considered serious but it can cause some discomfort. This condition can be described as the inflammation of the middle ear, and if not taken care of immediately will cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

• A practical treatment for this is to apply some heat to the ears by using a hot towel with a heating pad wrapped around your ears.

• If you still have colds, try to use a saline nasal spray to help reduce congestion and give some relief to your ears.

• You can use some sweet oil mixed in warm water and slowly pour into your ears. You may need some assistance, so have somebody to help you and you have to lie on the sofa for proper procedure.

• You can also use hydrogen peroxide mixed in warm water and pour into your rears. This procedure is the same as the sweet oil except that you have to wait for the peroxide to take its effects. It starts when its froths and bubbles start to form and you should let it stay for a few minutes in the ears. You can drain out the clogged matter in your ears with a little help of some water and putting your ears in a sideways downwards position.

• A few drops of garlic oil juice will also help decongest the ears. This is recommended to be done in the morning, because if there is discomfort or pain in using it this can be taken out right away.

• Use a facial steamer and position your ears facing the steam. Put a few drops of eucalyptus oil for better effects.

• A few drops of mineral oil will also help in decongesting the ears.

• Use some turmeric powder because this has some anti septic cures which will help with healing.

• Another way to cure decongested ears is by wax remover solution which can be bought from a pharmaceutical store. It has a syringe and a commercial solution with instructions on how to go about. It is putting the solution into the ear, letting it rest for some time and then draining the solution out after effect has taken placed.

You can also apply air pressure by simply closing your mouth and holding your nose with your fingers and breathing thru the nose. The air would ease through the ears and if you hear a popping sound breathe out and check if your ears are somehow relieved.

If the home remedies don’t work out, just remember to seek proper medical advice if you are still experiencing congested ears. This may cause more harm and would lead to more complicated infections if not treated soon enough.


  1. soooo sick bra – no pun intended. This article is like 6.2/5

  2. My ears are completely plugged and I feel pressure in my jaw and head. They popped the other day but then got plugged right back up and they ache is horrible and I was told that never to hold your nose and force air you could bust your ear drum that is what I heard. I've tried Sudafed and everything I don't know what to do help:(

  3. Great article!

  4. Unless your eardrum has ruptured, pouring a bunch of crap into your ear from the outside isn't going to relieve congestion within the inner ear. Of course, if the substance has a numbing effect (e.g. prescription or OTC ear drops), it may alleviate some of the *pain* if there is any.

  5. I really wouldn't try to blow your nose while you hold it. I did that when I was 18 and ruptured my ear drum, plus it was the most painful thing I've ever experienced in my life. Yes, I have given birth too.

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