Causes of Dyslexia in Children

Dyslexia has not really been recognized as a type of learning difficulty until the previous decade. The first thing that you need to understand is that dyslexia is not a result of poor parenting. Parents should not blame themselves for having a child with dyslexia. In learning the root cause of the problem on why some children are experiencing dyslexia is still remained unexplained. At this time, nobody still knows why this kind of problem exists. Though there are possibilities that emerge, it’s still hard to understand why people are experiencing dyslexia. Some medical facilitators said that it can be inherited or it can be a result of having hearing problems at an early age.

Others believe that genes play an important role in having dyslexia. It can be frequently found in a family. This result does not necessarily mean that a dyslexic parent will automatically have a child with dyslexia; it is normally found in third generation genes. Through technical advancement which was initiated by science these days, they’ve managed to work on an experiment on what lies beneath the brain of a dyslexic individual and those who don’t have it. Through studies, we’ll be able to understand why they are different from the rest and what do they don’t have which makes them function less. Here are some of the causes of dyslexia:

1. Genes – According to studies, dyslexia is a cause of genetic factors. It might not be their parents; it can be anyone from the family.

2. Brain development – Neuron development can be another cause.

3. Early age hearing problem – Hearing problem can also be another cause, because they were not able to hear clearly simple instructions so they were not corrected properly. Having problem with letters can be a life long struggle if not corrected right away.

4. Cross wiring – Studies have shown that a child with dyslexia weren’t able to work on his left brain properly, so to adjust and be a normal individual they opt to make the right part of the brain work. Relying on one side of the brain will really make a person suffer longer, but it can make him perform better than not using any part of the brain.

5. Combination of numbers 1-4 – Combination of all the above mentioned causes can really be alarming and it has no scientific explanation on how it happened.

Knowing the cause of dyslexia will help you understand it well. You will be able to help your child by learning more on how to deal with it. Show him you love him and he is special although he may not be good academically like the other children, he is still God’s gift to you which you should treasure. Seeking for professional help is one of the best things you can do, but conducting proper research and be knowledgeable about the situation is the best thing you can do within the family. Knowing what’s going on the mind of your child will help you understand him best.

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