Listerine for Toenail Fungus – Does it Work?


Fungal infection of nails is quiet common and is seen in many who spend a great amount of time working with water. The water that gets trapped in the small gaps attracts dirt which in turn forms an effective media for fungal growth. Other causes include injury to the nail that exposes the nail bed and provides an easy entry for the fungus, wearing sweaty socks and other poor hygienic conditions.

Though toe nail infection is not painful, it results in thickening and discoloration of the nail. It is recommended to prevent fungal infections at the first place, and if you still develop them take immediate care to prevent worsening of all the remaining nails. More severe infections may result in very painful nails. It is easier to treat the infection in the initial stages than in situations where the fungus has gained entry deep into the nail bed.

Fungal infections take a long time to cure compared to bacterial infections. The medications used for treating fungal infections are very less effective and may even result in certain side effects. Some physicians recommend complete removal of the nail bed which most of them do not prefer. So, the ideal solution to get rid of toenail fungal infections is by the use of simple home remedies.

Listerine which is generally used as a mouth wash to get rid of bad breath can also be used to cure fungal infections. A great number of people say that by soaking the nail in a solution of Listerine for about thirty minutes regularly for a period of two to three months completely cures the infection and promotes the growth of a new nail. However, Listerine has to be used twice a day without skipping a day until the infected nail is completely replaced with a new nail. Wondering how Listerine solution works for toenail infections. Listerine solutions contain thymol which contains antiseptic property. It is the thymol present in Listerine solution that is responsible for curing the fungal infections. For effective results, it is essential to dry the nail perfectly after soaking.

Some also say that a combination of Listerine solution along with vinegar gives faster results than Listerine alone. The acidic action of vinegar prevents fungal growth, and thus reduces infection. Application of this mixture to the nails three to four times a day gives effective results.

However, there are no scientific studies to prove that Listerine works against toenail fungal infection. All the above information is based on experiences of people who obtained relief from toenail infection by using Listerine. It may or may not work for you. If a Listerine treatment does not seem to work, contact a dermatologist to prevent complete loss of the nail.

Individuals with a family history of fungal nail infections are at high risk of developing the same. Hence, it recommended to keep the feet dry and is essential to maintain good hygiene by avoiding sweaty socks. If you sweat too much, put some powder in the shoe, talcum powder absorbs the moisture content and keeps your feet dry.

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