How to Get Rid of Flatulence?

Flatulence refers to the problem of releasing gases which sometimes could be very foul smelling. The gases are a mix of oxygen, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrogen. These are released by the action of the bacteria over the indigested food material and from the gases which we inhale, and also those produced by the action of stomach acids over the digestive juices. The problem of flatulence is quite embarrassing and you might be in search of simple remedies to get rid of flatulence. Here are some of the remedies that help to get rid of flatulence.

• It is essential to practice good eating and drinking habits. It is essential that you take your meal at regular timings. Keeping the stomach empty for longer time results in increased production of acids that act on digestive juices and produces gas. It is recommended to chew the food thoroughly. It is essential to drink plenty of fluids.

• If you are lactose intolerant, reducing your dairy intake will also reduces the extent of flatulence.

• Some people with an intention to get rid of the problem of constipation start taking fiber rich food all at once. Body will not be able to cope with the change. Fiber rich food takes long time to digest, during which the bacterial action results in increased production of problem. Hence, it is recommended to temporarily stop your fiber intake and give it a slow start. You can consult a dietician for tips on fiber consumption.

• Avoid activities that result in increased intake of air through mouth such as smoking and chewing bubble gum for a very long time and drinking with the help of straw.

• Regular practice of exercise early in the morning improves the functioning capacity of your digestive system and hence, reduces the extent of gas formation. It even helps to release a great amount of accumulated gas.

• Try to cut the amount of protein and fat rich foods. Protein and fat rich foods take longer time to digest and hence, increase the chance of flatulence.

• Consumption of peppermint water or herbal tea helps to sooth the stomach and also reduces flatulence.

• Reduce the consumption of foods such as onions, apples, cauliflower, cabbage and gum that are well known as gas forming substances.

• If you have digestive disorders, start consuming smaller meals and more frequent meals. This will reduce the amount of time the food stays in the stomach, and reduces the extent of bacterial action.

• If you have eating disorders that result in overeating, try to get rid of them. This will automatically help you to gain control over flatulence.

• One simple natural remedy for flatulence is consumption of soda mixed with a glass of water and few drops of lemon.

• If the flatulence is due to constipation, try consuming tamarind juice that is boiled and sweetened by addition of sugar. However, it is not a perfect remedy for diabetic patients.

• Mix small amount of turmeric and salt in lukewarm water and have it for immediate relief from flatulence.

All of the above measures can help you to get rid of flatulence very easily without the need for medications.

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