How to Overcome Fear in Public Speaking

Public speaking is not an easy task for everyone. There are a number of people who find it difficult to address a crowd. Be it a topic of their choice or any random topic, speaking to a public can be difficult for some and they might go blank or start stammering. If you are suffering from this kind problem then it is important that you imply some steps to overcome your fear. Here are some of the things that you can do to overcome your fear of speaking in public.

You can try joining a public speaking course or training that can help you overcome the fear of public speaking. There are a number of such institutions that provide for public speaking. These courses help you increase your confidence and also offer a good stage, with the help of training; you can learn the skills of public speaking and also practice with the fellow members of the training course. With these courses you will get continuous guidance from tutors who’ll help you improve in every step and would also help you get rid of stage fear.

Negative thoughts bring about a lot of pessimism in whatever you do as you start condemning your abilities even before you have started doing any work. Look for positive motivation and inspiration that can provide you enough support to stand up and speak. Block any negative thoughts that cross your mind, rather than taking criticism in a negative manner. Look at the positive side and improve yourself in the fields that you are lacking. Getting anxious while speaking in public is something that is common and you should not get depressed about the same. Look for positive attitude and work towards the betterment.

Talk to yourself and imagine yourself in a crowd where you are speaking. This can be of much help to you. Before going on stage, think that you are delivering your speech and practice over and over again in front of the mirror. Imagine yourself receiving a round of ovation and compliments. This leads to positive thinking and can effectively reduce your anxiety. This practice helps you increase your confidence and would also reduce your fear of speaking in public.

The more you practice the better you get. This is the golden rule of overcoming the fear of public speaking. Spend a lot of time revising the notes and making your speech better and effective. As you keep reading through, you will get better ideas that can help you in making your speech better. Practice in front of family members or your group of friends, you will make use of the feedback you received from them, making your presentation or speech better. Try to become an extrovert and talk as much as you can in public gatherings. Try to win over attention; this will boost your confidence tremendously.

Similar to any other skill, public speaking also improves with time and practice. Learn the tactics and don’t take failure in a negative way. Try to improve on your shortcomings and put in as much efforts as you can.

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    September 5, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    It's a relief to find someone who can explain things so well!

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