Cure for Stomach Gas

Stomach gas is a common problem that is a result of improper eating. There are a number of ways in which this stomach gas can be cured. Usually, the stomach gas is not a serious problem to opt for prescription drugs. There are a number of dietary restrictions and a healthy living habits that you can include in your schedule to cure stomach gas. Here are some of the treatments that you can follow to get rid of stomach gas.

If you wish to opt for over the counter medications, then you can ask for digestive enzyme tablets or antacids that will help you get rid of the problem. Lactase is a good option for people who suffer from stomach gas that is caused by the intolerance to lactose products. However, if the stomach gas indications become severe and result in nausea, diarrhea, vomiting or fever or if you observe blood in your stools, then it is important that you contact your doctor, as there can be some other cause for your stomach gas.

If you wish to control stomach gas in a natural manner, then by reducing or avoiding some foods from your meals can help you get rid of the problem. The main foods that cause stomach gas are fibers, sugars and starches. Reducing the intake of sugars like lactose (milk products), fructose (sweeteners in fruit juices and sodas), sorbitol (in fruits), and raffinose (in beans) can help you reduce the stomach gas problem. You can also try reducing the intake of pasta and potatoes that contain starch. Also, reduce the quantity of soluble fibers like beans and oat bran which can help you prevent the stomach gas.

You can also reduce stomach gas by improving your living habits. Gas problems can also be a result of taking in excess air. It is seen in smokers that they tend to inhale small quantity of air in the digestive tracts with every puff. This air has to find an escape whether through the mouth or through the rectum. Also, people who tend to eat quickly can allow excess air to go into the digestive tract. Getting rid of these habits or reducing them can help you cure stomach gas and can also keep you away from other complications of the digestive tract.

In case the stomach gas becomes a severe problem, then you might have to visit your physician who might prescribe you some medicines that will help you get relief from the symptoms of stomach gas. The prescription drugs help the gas expel quickly from your system and this can relieve the pain from bloating, which you might be experiencing as a result of stomach gas. Usually doctors tend to prescribe the drug metoclopramide for relief from stomach gas, which is accompanied by irritable bowel syndrome.

Making changes in your eating and sleeping habits can have a lot of effect on the stomach gas. Also, include some physical activities that will help your digestive system to function properly; getting cure from stomach gas is easy if you follow a scheduled life.

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