How to Prevent Stinky Feet

The feet need as much care just like any part of the body. They need to be kept clean and fresh as much as possible. It is a part of good grooming that you should do. Foot problems for some people can become such social embarrassments that they need to be addressed properly. One of the most common problems which a person may be concerned about is having stinky feet. There are practical and simple measures to prevent stinky feet.

• Remember to keep feet clean by washing with soap and water. After a bath, make sure to dry the feet completely before wearing socks or shoes.

• Wearing socks can help you keep your feet clean. Choose cotton or wool socks that have extra absorption and that sweat can be controlled. Wear white socks more often than colored ones, because some dye chemicals in socks cause bad odor to the feet. You can also wear anti-bacterial socks which are good for the feet. Make it a habit to change socks every day.

• Pat dry some foot powder on the feet before wearing socks and shoes. Make sure to keep your feet dry before putting on the powder. The foot powder helps kill the bacteria that cause the feet to smell. You can also use foot spray and anti-bacterial soap for the feet.

• If you can, avoid wearing the same shoes. Don’t wear damp or wet shoes. Keep shoes dry in an open air and dry out completely before wearing them again. Always clean your shoes with some deodorant spray to kill fungi inside the soles of the shoes. If shoes are washable, wash as often as possible.

• Wear comfortable shoes. You can also try wearing sandals to let the feet breathe freely.

• There are also home remedies to take care and prevent stinky feet.

• Soak feet in teabags for about 30 minutes. Tea has some acid chemicals that prevent sweating of the feet. Do this at least once a week until sweating and stinking smell is lessened or completely gone.

• You can also soak feet in lime jello which can get rid of foot odors. Just mix the jello in warm water and pour the contents into a basin where you can soak in your feet and wait for the jello to thicken. Then, just wash off with soap and water and completely dry the feet.

• Make use of Listerine to clean the feet. Use cotton balls soaked with enough Listerine to clean the inside of toes and all over the feet. Dry it off completely before wearing socks and shoes.

• A bleach solution is also good. Mix about ¼ cup of household bleach with warm water in a basin and soak your feet in for about 30 minutes. Rinse well and dry completely.

• Use vinegar by mixing about ½ cup with water in a basin and soak your feet for 30 minutes. Then just rinse well and dry your feet.

In case of extreme cases where natural and home remedies are not effective, it is best to consult a qualified doctor to help cure stinky feet. It may need a more thorough medical examination to find out the causes of the problem.

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