8 Steps to Protect Your Eyes

The eyes need protection from harmful effects of the environment. The effects of too much sunlight, wind, dust and other factors keep the eyes look weary and tired. There are 7 important steps to remember to ensure good protection to your eyes.

1. Have a regular annual eye check up. This is good to prevent eye problems and treat existing ones. If you are using contact lens make sure to keep them properly clean. Have your reading glasses checked as well to provide the right vision for you.

2. Eat a well balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat food nutrients rich in vitamins A, E and C. Eat a lot of carrots which is rich in beta carotene and include fish which are high in omega 3. Try a cup of broccoli since this is also good for the eyes.

3. Take good care of your health and immune system. Avoid too much smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol as this can make your eyes look tired and droopy. Smoking has bad effects to blood circulating around the eye areas. If you have diabetes, have regular check-ups because if neglected this can severely affect the eyes. Try to also keep your blood pressure and cholesterol at normal levels.

4. Protect your eyes with sunglasses with high or at least 95% UV protection against the sun. Choose the kind of glasses which have wrap around frames to ensure full protection. Wear hats, caps and use umbrellas to further shade the eyes from heat and wind. Use protective glasses when engaging in strenuous sports and when working with heavy tools and machines.

5. Make sure to always have clean hands before touching your eyes. Infection starts with dirty hands. Also, try avoiding too much rubbing of the eyes. Keep hankies clean and use soft cotton fabrics to protect eyes.

6. Remember to have a proper lighting when reading. In case of watching TV, make use of anti-glare screens. Do the same with the computers. Take time to briefly look away from the computer screen to relieve eye tension.

7. Do some eye exercises like simple blinking to relieve eye stress. Blinking helps lubricate the eyes. Try to close your eyes for about 5 minutes to be relaxed and relieve eye strain. Have time to rest eyes as much as possible. Look at something green to relax the eyes.

8. After some good amount of rest, wash your eyes with cold water to relax and to lessen eye strain. Use eyes drops if properly prescribed by your doctor.

The most important thing to remember is that your eyes deserve some special care so that you can literally see life and appreciate everything it has to offer.

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