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Learning is a process that involves thought, vision and imagination. Do you know that your digital camera can help spark these very same qualities in the minds of your children? When children look through the digital camera they see the world from a different view point. They see the things, people and events around them from the view point of an audience not that of a participant. This permits them to think and act in ways different from what they would normally do. So, hand over a digital camera to your kid today and watch his imagination flow.

A digital camera can be an outlet for your child’s creativity. Initially, when a child gets hold of a camera, he will try to take a snap of just about everything he comes across. Agreed, the photographs may end up looking blurred and messy but with time, your child will pick up the nuances of the art of photography.

Photography is a complicated science of light and angles. As your child experiments with different shots, he will learn the difference that lights, shadows, color and background can make to an image. For instance, he will learn that a single red rose looks beautiful against an elegant and understated background, not against a bright and messy one. With practice, he will be able to predict how a photograph will appear by simply seeing the background and the lighting.

Then there is the concept of zoom, night and day mode photography. As your child masters the art of photography, he will figure out that photography is not the same in daylight and at night. There are several small adjustments that need to be made before taking a photograph in daylight or at night. A digital camera comes equipped with the modifications that need to be done while taking a picture in daylight or at night. By using the camera, your kids will learn the adjustments that need to be made. Similarly, your child will learn that some images look better when a close up image is taken whereas others look better without zoom. For example, a sprawling mansion with its well manicured lawns looks great when the background or the garden is included in the picture. On the other hand, the photo of a bird looks good when taken using a zoom.

Kids love the flash of cameras. The light gives them a feeling of having captured something on their cameras. However, as your child begins to master the art of photography, he will learn that sometimes, a flash is not required.

These days, there are so many softwares and applications available on the internet which help one edit photographs by adding color, frames, cartoons and a lot more to choose from. A tech-savvy child will be able to learn how to use these applications to further beautify the images he has captured.

Out of focus images and images with hazy backgrounds are sure to pop up your child to begin experimenting with the camera. Encourage your child in this new skill by sticking up his photographs on the refrigerator. Appreciate his every effort and he will be motivated to master the art.

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