Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome Treatments

One of the most common ways to ensure birth control is through tubal ligation. This is a medical procedure where the doctor ties up a woman’s tubes to prevent pregnancy. Many women opted for this procedure instead of taking birth control pills. But, there have been complaints about this procedure which caused a lot of discomfort for women who underwent tubal ligation. Doctors have come up with some ways to treat this condition which is commonly known as post tubal ligation syndrome treatments.

The post tubal ligation syndrome may be caused by physical and hormonal changes in the woman’s body. More specifically, the post tubal ligation syndrome (PTLS) is often referred to the different side effects that the woman experiences after the tubal ligation was done. Most women complain that the effects are negative ones causing them pain, discomfort and stress.

Most women complain of increased menstrual bleeding, vaginal dryness and itching. There are also symptoms of bloating, cramps, insomnia and weight gain. They seem to have symptoms of menopause like sweats, hot flushes and mood swings. They also complain of increased feelings of stress and anxiety, depression and some memory lapses. There is loss of sexual appetite since the woman experiences painful sex due to vaginal dryness.

Although not a symptom, ectopic pregnancy may be considered as a risk of post tubal ligation syndrome. Some doctors consider these symptoms as part of hormonal changes of the woman’s body. Others surmise that the tubal ligation has some effects to the blood circulation in the woman’s production system such as the ovaries and uterus interfering with the production of hormones in the ovaries; or some damage may have been done to blood vessels which may cause further hormonal imbalance in the body. Some doctors consider these as mere psychological effects to the woman. However, there are no conclusive findings as to why these symptoms are being experienced by most women.

Post tubal ligation syndrome treatments are based on different opinions of doctors and other medical practitioners. Some treatments recommended are:

Before doing a tubal ligation to a woman, it is strongly recommended by most doctors that the procedure be discussed thoroughly so the woman would understand and would be able to adjust to such side effects. There should be an awareness program for this medical procedure.

Other treatments suggestions are taking of anti-stress medications, antidepressants and psychological counseling.

Some doctors also suggest taking of birth control pills for a certain time until the effects are lessened. There are those who suggest hysterectomy, another medical procedure of birth control.

The most recent suggested treatment is the Female Reconstructive Surgery which is a kind of surgery that addresses the negative syndromes of post tubal ligation. This surgery somehow restores and reconstructs the productive organs to be working again and gives positive effects to the woman’s hormonal and physical conditions. This is also known as tubal reversal repair and it is considered a better alternative than hysterectomy.


  1. Post tubal ligation syndrom can NOT be "treated" by anything before the surgery. It is a POST – operative syndrome. To suggest that educating the patient beforehand will somehow "treat" the condition afterwards is absurd. I do agree however that there should absolutely be an awareness program for this surgical procedure.

    The other thing is that MILLIONS of women have this surgery and only thousands have complications, including PTLS. That is not representitive of "most women" who have the surgery. Statistics would have been very useful in this article.

  2. I just love that all the "treatment options" for PTLS are all mood altering as if to further suggest this is all in a woman's head. Oh and for those of us who were NEVER on any birth control prior to a tubal ligation and still having 30+ symptoms of PTLS?
    Tubal Ligation needs to be banned. Period. This not only changes a way of life for those who suffer from PTLS, it ruins a person's quality of life.

  3. I had never been on bc in my life prior to my tubal. I had numerous side effects from heavy periods to hair loss and mood swings etc. Before I even heard of ptls I already had a feeling my problems had something to do with my tubal. I was very healthy with no other issues before so for me it was very cut and dry to pin point when my problems started which was about 2 months after my last child. I had my tubes tied immediately following the c section. That was 17 months ago and I am two weeks post op from my tubal reversal and already my period is normal (how it was before tubal) the hyper pigmentation I had for 14 months went away in 1 week and my mood has dramatically improved. I am still healing but so far my problems are getting better. I also have started my period since my reversal and the intense pain I had is gone. I went to doctor after doctor and they treated me like I was silly for even thinking my tubal had anything to do with my problems. They would try and stick me on anti-depressants and so on. I followed my gut and did not ever go those routes and I feel remarkable.

  4. I just read a comment saying that it needs to be banned… I don’t think everyone goes through this because I never heard of it and numerous women in my family have had their tubes burnt. Just because it’s happening to you doesn’t mean it’s not a good thing for the next person. Sorry that you went through that experience.

  5. What my wife can't see as changes to get body, I can and am quite worried since we have lost two pregnancies so far. She has almost every symptom listed as signs of PTLS. I am at a loss for ideas given I am not in the medical field, so I am looking for any helpful information. My wife has had a tubal and years later we had a reversal. That's when the real symptoms of PTLS started to show. Can anyone help?

  6. Apart from the given effects, some women also complain of waist pain and minor paralysis. What is the cure?

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