Minor Concussion Symptoms

Accidents happen and the results usually cause some injuries to the person. If the injury involves some blow to the head, then the person suffers a minor concussion. A concussion is often described as a mild head injury that affects the normal function of the brain. It renders the person to temporarily experience some uncomfortable feelings of dizziness, nausea and even unconsciousness. As a concussion may differ from a minor to a more serious one, it is important to know the symptoms in a person who may be suffering from a minor concussion to assess the extent of injury, so proper medical care can be provided immediately.

One of the common and immediate symptoms of a minor concussion is headache. Since the injury is on the head, the person feels the throbbing of pain on the head. This also is similar to a migraine where there is the feeling of heaviness and pain almost at the same time.

The person may also lose some consciousness after the head injury, but this should last only less than 30 minutes. If the person is unconscious for more than this time, then the concussion is more serious and should require immediate medical attention.

Dizziness, blurred vision and nausea are also symptoms that make the person temporarily helpless to stand on his own. There can be some vomiting involved too.

The feeling of confusion is also a sign of a minor concussion. Together with this is also a state of temporary memory loss since the injured may not recall the circumstances of the accident and is confused at the same time.

The person also suffers from a feeling of distress and anxiety because of concussion. The mixed emotions are which the injured person feels about the accident that resulted to such feelings.

These minor symptoms should last only briefly. More often, the injured person recovers from a minor concussion after a few hours. The person can be given first aid on the scene of the accident, but thereafter a more thorough medical examination is done at the hospital.

However, there are also some cases where the person suffers a minor concussion and shows the above mentioned symptoms immediately; but the concussion has unexpectedly turned into a more severe case after several days after the accident. The symptoms may appear to have lingered longer than the normal length of time for recovery or cause some more serious injuries to the person. There would be added discomforts of more nausea and dizziness. There would be some seizures or paralysis on some parts of the body like the leg or arm and some signs of irritability or restlessness on the person’s character. This is usually what doctors call post-concussion syndrome which may apparently come from a minor concussion. The person normally recovers from this condition within a period of three months with the proper treatment and care.

A person who suffers a concussion should always be given immediate medical attention. The person should be given enough rest and healing time so there would no further complications.


  1. Very good, helped a lot.

  2. I think I may have had a minor one today when flipping the ATV!?

  3. I might have a concussion from doing a back handspring and fell on my head… cause my arms gave out.

  4. I slipped and fell yesterday morning, landing hard on my back and hit the back of my head a lttle. I am suffering some nausea and have a pretty bad headache. Am I suffering from a minor concussion or not? Several years ago I got a traumatic brain injury from a car accident.

  5. I think I'm concussed, went for a cork12 on my trampoline and found the metal area of the trampoline frame.

  6. Thanks for the great info!

  7. This was the most helpful if all articles I read about concussions. It showed I am having post traumatic concussion. Better than Web MD or the Mayo Clinic's explanation. Thank you.

  8. This does not give any advice to give, aspirin, etc.

  9. I just had a mild concussion yesterday it's terrible.

  10. On Friday, we were playing rounders and the boy halfway across the field caught the ball. He threw it back to me, but it missed my hands and hit me right in-between the eyes. Now, over 96 hours later, I still have a headache and nausea. But the worst thing is my amnesia. Some symptoms of a concussion include anterograde amnesia where your mind is unable to create new memories and mine still hasn't gone away. Should I consult my GP?

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