The Benefits of Dead Sea Salt

The Dead Sea is historically known worldwide. It is considered to be the saltiest body of water and its salt contents has been measured as several times more concentrated compared to other oceans, seas and lakes in most parts of the world. It is a body of water where fishes and plants don’t thrive in – the reason why it got such a name. However, the Dead Sea has been regarded as a good source of salts which contain healthy minerals that are beneficial to man’s overall health. The Dead Sea salts are not for consumption but rather these are more used for therapeutic and beauty purposes.

The minerals which are found in Dead Sea salts are magnesium, calcium, iodine, zinc, bromide, potassium and sulfur. These minerals are beneficial to man’s body as they are very similar to the minerals found in the skin cells. That is why there have been a lot of beauty and health products made from Dead Sea salts to keep skin well healthy, well nourished and young-looking for as long as possible.

The benefits of using Dead Sea salts are the following:

• It is more effective in cleaning and exfoliating the skin as compared to most soap products.

• It gets rids of toxins from the skin and helps in good blood circulation.

• It gets rid of dead skin cells, cleans skin pores and helps in skin regeneration.

• It helps firm up skin tissues and strengthens these against infections.

• It helps eliminate aches and body pains, making the body more relaxed.

• It helps in treating skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis and lessens inflammation of dry skin.

• It helps relieve muscle tension, lessens stress and anxiety.

Overall the good benefits of using Dead Sea salts lead to a more rejuvenated and healthy looking skin.

These salts are also used in beauty treatments. A homemade salt scrub can be done by combining some Dead Sea salts and a little massage oil. This can instantly rejuvenate and refresh the skin. Soaps made from these salts are used for daily baths for the same purposes.

A lot of beauty and health stores have come up with beauty products made from these salts. These come in different colors, shapes, sizes and fragrances. The combination of the salts and some essential oils has better therapeutic effects. Most of these products are used in spa treatments.

There are those who have travelled to the Dead Sea had literally soaked themselves into the sea to get the benefits that the Dead Sea had to offer. It has become a place of treatment and healing aside from being a very popular tourist destination because of the well known good benefits of the salts.


  1. Great article. I found this very helpful! I had no clue about the cleansing of pores. Thanks so much:]

  2. I need more information. How much salt to a gallon of water for eczema or psoraisis?

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