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Most of them have a notion that regular participation in the sports eliminates the need for other exercises such as yoga. But, to remain fit and to succeed in the sports, it is essential that you practice yoga exercises regularly. Breathing exercises help you to improve your concentration, which enables you to closely observe the opponents move and alter your game play accordingly. Apart from this, there are many benefits from exercising of yoga regularly. Here is a discussion on the effects of yoga to enhance your sport.

Before you start any sport such as football, it is essential that you warm up your muscles. There are many warm up exercises such as jogging, but for efficient stretching of all the body muscles, yoga postures are the best. Various standing and balancing postures of various yoga asanas help to stretch your muscles efficiently.

It is essential for sports personnel to have flexible body and bones that are resistant to injuries. Yoga postures involve bending your legs and your entire body at various angles. This makes your entire body flexible and makes bones resistant to fractures. It even helps you to keep your muscles active.

Sports such as golf, baseball and soft ball keep you in certain position for a very long time and you might feel out of balance. Yoga helps to regain the balance.

Involving in sports for a very long period without a break may result in build up of lactic acid in the muscles. Regular practice of yoga makes your body resistant to handle such conditions. It even helps to eliminate toxic wastes out of the body and keeps you energized. Yoga also helps to rejuvenate your body very easily.

It is essential for every sports personnel to have greater lung capacity. Deep breathing exercises will enable you to easily increase your lung capacity and hence, you will not easily become tired.

Regular practice of yoga will not make you resistant for all injuries but also gives you the ability to withstand pain in case of injuries. Practice of yoga helps to heal the wounds quickly. Strengthens your immune system and makes you less susceptible to infections.

There are certain postures that are to be practiced by players for various benefits.

• Pigeon pose: helps to have strong hip joints. This will ease your hip movement in various angles.

• Seated spinal twist pose: strengthens both the spinal cord and the hip region.

• Crow postures: this posture gives strength, balancing power and flexibility.

• Standing split poses: this will enables you to achieve an overall body improvement. It enables you to build your muscle power, flexibility and ability to concentrate, which is the most essential features for a sports personnel.

Apart from the above benefits, yoga helps to maintain your weight at an optimum level which is essential to maintain your body perfect for sports. It even enables you to have control over your thoughts, thus you can easily overcome your cravings and avoid having junk foods.

In the initial days of practicing yoga, you might find difficult to bend your body in various angles. But, with practice you can do it with ease. It is recommended to practice yoga postures under the guidance of professionals.

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