Herbal Remedies for Anxiety

A great number of people have anxiety disorders which in some cases are life threatening. It is essential to take appropriate care to get rid of the anxiety disorders. Even if they are not life threatening they can also be a cause other loses such as damaged relationships and a lot more. Anxiety disorders can be mild with just the physical symptoms, but they can be very severe in some cases involving conditions such as difficulty in breathing, and the symptoms appear all of a sudden and they disappear similarly. This is mainly due to the over stimulation of the central nervous system. Individuals with anxiety disorder show higher levels of lactic acid which is not good for the body. Following are some herbal remedies for anxiety. The herbal remedies suggested below will not only aim to reduce the actual cause but also help to relieve other symptoms such as disturbed stomach and more.

• Valerian containing valerenic acid helps to relieve anxiety within an hour or so. For effective results, the recommended dosage is only a few milligrams of the extract. It is highly safe and can be taken either thrice per day.

• Green tea which is used to relieve many other body ailments can also be used to reduce anxiety. L-theanine, an amino acid present in green tea is the active agent. It works equivalent to the prescription medicines. However, for best results it is essential that you take a pure form of L-theanine.

• Passion flower is another herbal remedy that gives relief from anxiety disorders. Valerian combined with passion flower extract gives tremendous results within a very short period.

• Another well-known herbal remedy for anxiety is Seredyn. It is composed of valerian extract, passion flower extract and pure L-theanine. It works well even for chronic anxiety disorders.

• Mild anxiety disorders can be controlled by massage therapy. It sooths the body and relieves the muscle tension, and also helps to relieve stress and will slowly put you into a pleasant sleep.

• Another technique similar to massage therapy is practice of breathing exercises that help you to divert your attention towards calmness. Yoga techniques are very useful exercises to relieve anxiety disorders.

• Kava is another herbal remedy to work against anxiety. But, it is found to cause severe lung injuries.

• The use of gamma amino butyric acid supplements is being considered to relieve anxiety. It is thought to work by binding to the GABA receptors of the brain.

• Hot water bath with certain plant essential oils relieves anxiety. Such useful essential oils include cypress, bergamont, jeranium, jasmine, rose and sandalwood.

• Ashwaganda, another highly useful herb. It is found that regular intake of this herb strengthens the body, and hence helps to have self-control.

If the anxiety disorder is of low degree and you still have control over yourself, then the best remedy to get rid of anxiety is to involve yourself in a work of your interest or go for a walk in fresh air or play with your pet or kids. However, severe anxiety disorders have to be taken care appropriately without any delay as it may lead to death in certain cases.

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