Natural Remedy for Kidney Stones

Having kidney stones is a very common problem observed in a great number of people. They are not very serious and can be cured very easily. These stones are formed from the components of urine such as uric acid, calcium and phosphate. The severity of the problem depends on the size of the stones. The size of stones ranges from sand particles to gravel stone size. The stones are formed due to formation of highly concentrated urine for a very long period of time.

The common types of kidney stones are either the calcium oxalate type or calcium phosphate type. Phosphate types of stones are seen in conditions of urinary tract infection that spreads to the kidneys due to negligence.

Symptoms that are associated with kidney stones include pain in the back, groin and thighs. The person may feel hard to pass the urine. Fever, vomiting and chills may also accompany. More severe cases with large sized stones that lead to damage of the internal linings may result in blood in the urine.

Kidney stones are formed due to metabolic defects, consumption of spicy foods and acid producing foods and increased consumption of vitamin D rich foods.

Kidney stones can be cured very easily with simple home remedies. They include:

• A solution prepared by boiling sixty grams of kidney beans or Rajmah for about six hours in four liters of water. The solution should be used within period of twenty four hours.

• Intake of one teaspoon of basil juice along with honey for about six months eliminates the stones from urinary tract.

• Intake of celery by patients who were once prone to stones prevents recurrence of stones.

• Fresh fruits such as apple and grapes are invaluable in treating kidney stones. The high potassium and low sodium content and high in water content is of high value in treating kidney stones.

• Watermelon with high water and potassium content serves as a diuretic agent to cure kidney stones.

• A fine paste of pomegranate seeds helps to cure kidney stones. About one teaspoon of the paste is given along with a cup of horse gram soup which is made from two tablespoons of horse gram. This mixture is found to dissolve the kidney stones.

• Regular intake of 100 to 150 mg of vitamin B6 helps to cure kidney stones.

• Solution made by boiling two figs in a cup of water serves as an effective remedy for kidney stones.

• Radish leaves juice serves as perfect cure for kidney stones.

• Drink plenty of water at least about three liters of water and lead an active lifestyle.

• Mix two ounces of lemon juice with two ounces of olive oil and take it with a large glass of water. This solution is believed to eliminate the stones within twenty four hours.

• Boil around two onions in a glass of water and strain the juice. Intake of this juice for about three days helps to pass the stones.

If you have kidney stones, it is recommended to consume less amount of milk and keep yourself away from alcohol. It is recommended to consult a physician if you do not start obtaining relief with the above measures.

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