Home Remedies for a Toothache

Toothache is a common complaint of everyone. One complains toothache at least once in his or her life. A toothache can result from a number of reasons; some of the main reasons are having a tooth decay, tooth cavity, cracked teeth, exposure of the nerves, and a lot more. Most of the time, toothaches occur at nights when you possibly cannot contact your dentist. To help you get relief from toothache, here are some home remedies.

• Try rubbing some ice on the tooth that has pain. Rub it on your cheek, it makes the area numb and gives relief from the pain. Never use a hot pack for toothache as it gives a favorable environment for germs to grow.

• Place a garlic clove with some rock salt on it, it also gives relief from pain. You can alternatively chew a garlic to keep the toothache from occurring.

• Another good remedy is rubbing 2-3 drops of vanilla extract on the affected tooth. This provides instant relief from toothache.

• You can alternately cut a slice of potato and place it on the aching tooth for 15 minutes.

• You can try having wheat grass juice. It serves as a good mouthwash for curing dental decay. It removes toxins from the gums and also clears the bacterial growth.

• Grind some asafoetida in lemon juice and heat the solution. Let it cool, and with a cotton swab apply it on the affected area. This relieves toothache fast.

• Clove oil is considered as one of the best home remedies to get relief from toothaches. It eases the pain quickly. Oil of oregano is also supposed to have the same effect as clove oil.

• You can try applying pepper with ¼ teaspoon of common salt. It helps in getting rid of toothache, decay and foul breath.

• Chewing raw onion for 3 minutes can help you to get relief from toothache as it kills the germs within a short time.

• Apply a mixture of mustard oil and turmeric on the affected tooth; it helps in getting relief from the pain.

• Chewing leave of guava also help in getting relief from toothaches.

• Mix pepper powder with clove oil and apply on the affected tooth. It gives immediate respite from pain.

The severity of toothaches can vary depending on the cause behind it. The pain might worsen if you eat or drink and the weather can also have an effect on the severity of the pain. Maintaining proper oral hygiene can help you prevent toothaches. It is important that you brush smoothly and in circular motion so that you don’t hurt yourself. Eating refined carbohydrates and excess of sugars can also lead to tooth decay, which can result in toothaches.

If these home remedies do not help you get rid of the toothache and if the pain persist then, it is important that you visit your dentist. Only your dentist can reason out the cause of toothache and can help you with a proper solution for the pain.

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