Concussion Treatment

Concussion is defined as a traumatic head injury that can occur as a result of mild or severe thump on the head. Studies have shown that some head injuries that might appear mild can have long-term effects, usually when the injury is repeated. At times, concussion can be related to loss of consciousness also. There are a number of people who might suffer from concussion in daily life activities or sports and it is important that immediate medical attention be provided to these people.

Some of the general signs of concussion include:

• Loss of memory

• Confusion

• Loss of consciousness

• Disorientation

• Unequal size of the pupils

• Oozing of fluid from ears, mouth or nose

The symptoms of concussion are easily treatable provided that there is no injury that is sustained during the process of healing. If you are looking for some information on the treatment of concussion, then here are some guidelines that can help you with the same.

If the concussion is mild, then it is important to have a medical examination conducted. If it is found to be grade 1 concussion, then the person should be kept under rest and should be observe for a few hours, and if everything is normal then the person can return to the daily chores or sports on the same day. However, if the person gets another concussion on the same day, then detailed rest is required under observation until the person becomes symptom-free.

If it is a grade 2 concussion, then it is important that all the activities of the day should be called off, and the person should be kept under strict medical observation. If the symptoms seem to worsen, then a CT scan or an MRI is suggested. If a person has suffered from a grade 2 concussion then it is important that he/she should remain symptom free for a week before resuming to the normal activities or sports.

If the concussion is grade 3 like it is accompanied by loss of consciousness, then it is important for the person to undergo thorough medical examination and tests, and also go through a CT scan and MRI. If any disorientation or memory loss is observed, then the person should be hospitalized immediately.

If the concussion is mild, then you can also do self-care at home. The point of the injury will make a goose egg visible because of bleeding under the scalp. This is called as the hematoma and it fades away on its own with time. However, using ice immediately after the trauma can help in the decrease of the size. On the other hand, it is important to note that ice should not be applied directly on the skin and should be wrapped in a washcloth and then applied. You can continue this every 2-3 hours for 2 days. Besides the bump, if there are other symptoms like confusion, fluid oozing from the mouth, ears or nose, then it is important that you call a medical practitioner for help.

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