The Basic Rules of Hedgehog Care

Caring for a hedgehog can be simple or complicated depending on how you take it. They have principal needs that will take much of your time and money. Before you take the demanding responsibility, you need to be sure that you are ready for this kind of responsibility before you start keeping them in your home. Hedgehog are very picky, it will require you to use gloves at first to hold them. But as time goes on, they will become familiar to you and the timid and aloofness will give way to boldness, playfulness and familiarity that will grow them closer to you.

Hedgehog are remarkable pet, just like any other pet, they are longing for love and affection, if you can give it to them, they will surely give you the same response as you gave them. Taking care of this pet comprises of delicate steps, take a look at the following, you might these information helpful:

1. Hedgehog can develop liver problems due to fatty diet. Through the years, cat food is being given to hedgehog as their regular diet, but most cat food contains high fat ingredients which can harm their liver. Although there are newly introduced hedgehog in the market today, you shouldn’t be blinded because of the label indicate so, you should read the label to make sure that you are giving the right kind of food to your pet.

a. Choose food with at least 30% pure protein.

b. Don’t feed them with fatty content over 12%.

c. Give them high fiber foods every day.

d. Fiber is important in hedgehog’s diet.

e. Include clean & fresh water in their diet.

2. Habitat is important. Do not confine them in a closed space. Always make sure that they have spacious environment to move freely. Instead of using newspaper for bedding, why not try a blanket. Hedgehog needs a more luxurious lifestyle. Do not expose them to direct sunlight, but instead make sure that they are properly lit.

3. Potty training hedgehog is possible. They are intelligent creatures, they can be easily trained and they can easily adapt to an environment. All you need is to provide them with a deep litter plate. Stick to it every day and they will be used to it.

4. Bringing them out of the cage can be a great activity. It can be a good exercise also. If you cannot bring them out of the cage often, you can just buy a running wheel to keep them going. Strenuous activity makes hedgehog happy. You need to bring them out in the open, this will make them happier.

5. Hedgehogs are vulnerable to liver problems because their home diet merely relies on fat. Usually, cancer is the common ailment of hedgehog that causes their death. They tend to develop ailments similar to humans, which are why you also need to consult a veterinarian so you can ensure that your pet is safe from any kind of disease.

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