How to Lower Your LDL Cholesterol Through Lifestyle Changes

Our body has cholesterol which is some kind of fat that the body needs. It is already within our body cells. The other sources of cholesterol come from the different foods we eat such as meat, chicken, eggs and other high fat dairy products. As we eat we continually build up more cholesterol that later on become as excess fat deposits in our body. This is where our cholesterol becomes bad; this is also known as LDL cholesterol which if neglected would result to heart disease or stroke and even death.

The bad cholesterol affects the blood circulation which will eventually affect the heart. This is why doctors and more health practitioners have come out with recommendations to correct this by starting on a healthy lifestyle that should be followed by people who have LDL cholesterol.

The first thing to do is a change of diet. It should be a well-balanced one with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. The eating of oatmeal and oat bran is highly recommended as these contain soluble fiber which lessens LDL cholesterol. There are also other foods with soluble fiber such as prunes, apples, pear, kidney beans and barley.

Fish has omega 3 fatty acids which helps reduce blood clots and lower cholesterol. The fish that must be included in the diet are mackerel, trout, tuna, salmon and sardines which are all high in omega 3. These can be grilled or baked to get more of the nutrients from omega 3 and keeping away from too much oil and frying.

The use of extra virgin olive oil in foods also keeps bad cholesterol at its minimum levels. Some health practitioners recommend taking 2 tbsp for its healthy benefits to the heart.

The habit of doing regular exercise is a must to lessen LDL cholesterol. A good physical activity such as dancing, swimming, running or biking would be beneficial to one’s health. Check with the doctor first, so he can recommend some exercises that you can do easily without having to stress you out. The important thing to remember is to lose weight if you are overweight or do the exercises to maintain the desired weight which would keep cholesterol at its normal levels.

Avoid too much alcohol. It has calories which can add to more bad effects of your LDL cholesterol. Some medical practitioners recommend a glass of red wine a day; but then again it is important to remember that moderation is the key to avoid its bad effects.

Avoid smoking. It is not good as it affects blood circulation and this can cause blood clotting. Smoke gets into the skin and eyes and the smoke inhaled is carried through the blood stream causing more harmful effects to the body.

If a change of lifestyle is not enough, then the proper medications are needed to counter off LDL cholesterol. These prescriptions may last until the cholesterol is lessened or it may even be good for the whole lifetime of the person.

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