How to Cure Migraines Naturally

We see a great number of people complaining of migraine headaches. Migraine headaches are worse than the general headaches and people cannot spare to have them for a very long time. If you are not very sure whether you have a migraine attack or a general headache, here is a simple clue. Migraine headache is generally restricted to one side of the head and some people may have pain over one side of the face. They feel irritated at the sight of light and cannot hear even small noise. As migraine headaches are quite common, it is very tough to approach a physician every time you have an attack. It is better to know how to cure migraines naturally. The following are some natural remedies to cure migraines:

• Soak celery seeds in a glass of water. After some time when the seeds are swollen, strain the liquid and have it to obtain relief.

• If you are finding it hard to get into sleep, have a glass of hot milk. It will help to ease the pain by soothing the muscles.

• Chamomile tea that is known to have a great medicinal value helps to relieve the migraine headaches.

• Have cinnamon in tea or hot milk and drink it. Cinnamon helps to ease muscle tension and gives relief from headache.

• If migraine is associated with cold, have steam with turmeric added water. This helps to relieve the blocked nose and relieves migraine.

• Application of pure lavender oil in the temple region helps to give relief from headaches. However, for perfect results it is essential to use pure forms rather than scented oils.

• Chinese method of acupuncture which involves the use of needles and electric signals is found to give good results for relieving headaches.

• The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger help to relieve headaches. Intake of raw ginger of a size of capsule helps to relieve headache.

• Massage therapy helps to relieve muscle tension that automatically provides relief from headache. Concentrate in massaging the neck muscles, shoulder muscles, temple region and those at the base of the head.

• Migraines headaches are common in pregnant women and are mostly due to tiredness and feeling of hungry. Migraine headaches due to above reasons can be easily relieved by taking rest and having highly nutritious food and a good night sleep.

• Pain relieving balms such as tiger balm help to relieve mild form of headaches. But, they should not be used by pregnant women.

• Acupressure is another simple remedy to obtain relief from migraine headaches. To obtain relief using acupressure, it is essential that you know the exact pressure points that help to relieve the migraines. If you are not good at using acupressure technique, it is essential to take the help of a professional.

• Having spinach juice, beet juice and cucumber juice helps to relieve migraines. These juices have to be consumed by mixing them in equal proportions.

If you cannot obtain relief from the above remedies, it is recommended to consult a physician to obtain some help by using certain prescribed drugs.

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