Insomnia Home Treatment

Insomnia refers to a problematic condition of not falling asleep or staying asleep. This condition may be common, but if left neglected for a prolonged period of time may cause some health problems. To solve this problem, health practitioners have come up with practical and home treatments which can be easily followed by anyone.

It starts with a well-balanced diet of fruits and vegetables. Avoid white flour, too many sweets and fatty foods. Take note in reducing the salt content of foods. Avoid drinking too much coffee, tea, cola drinks and sodas. Avoid eating chocolate and other foods which contain additives.

There are some good vegetables, herbs and home products which help treat insomnia, and it would be better to include more of these in your daily diet. Eat lettuce because it contains ingredients that induce sleep; one tbsp of lettuce seeds boiled in ½ liter of water and reduced to about 1/3 of the water can be made into some juice for drinking, and its effect is similar to the calming effect of a sedative.

Drinking milk with honey before going to sleep is an effective remedy to treat insomnia as its effect is similar to that of a tranquilizer. There are times that milk is used to massage the soles of the feet as a way to relax before going to sleep. The curd is effective by using it to massage the head to induce sleep.

The mixture of equal amounts of gourd juice and sesame oil is also an effective treatment for insomnia. This mixture can be used to massage the scalp every night to induce sleep.

Make a tea out of 1 tsp of anise seeds by boiling in water and then simmering it down for about 15 minutes and strain the seeds out; the liquid should be drank warm or hot with some honey. This can be taken after meals or before going to bed.

After developing good eating habits, try to maintain other good habits which can treat insomnia. These good habits are the following:

1. Go to bed on a regular time as much as possible to establish a regular sleep pattern that your body can get used to.

2. Do regular exercises preferably in the morning or early afternoon.

3. Get plenty of sunlight during the day to keep your energy. By mid-day to early evening, limit activities so you won’t feel too stressed out.

4. If you can, do some breathing exercises before bedtime or do some meditation and yoga relaxation exercises to induce sleep.

5. Make your bedroom just a room for sleeping; prop it up to induce sleep by dim lights and lessening noise inside the room. Use comfortable bed linens to help induce sleep.

6. Use earplugs in cases when your partner has some snoring problems.

7. Don’t take naps during the day.

8. If you happen to wake up in the middle of the night, then can’t fall asleep within 15 minutes, try to go to another room, do some reading until you feel sleepy again.

Overall, keep a healthy lifestyle. Avoid too much stress, anger, bitterness and other negative feelings because these are major causes of insomnia.

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