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There are times when you have uninvited guests visiting you, or maybe most of the time it is your house that is the venue for a party. If you find yourself frequently in such conditions then you should be prepared with some party appetizers that are quick and easy to make. These easy party appetizers do not require much preparation time and you can spend some quality time with your guests rather than spending it in the kitchen. Here are some great easy party appetizers that can be whisked within minutes.

Recipe 1: Pinwheels

Making the quick pinwheels is pretty easy. To make this, mix two bricks of softened cheese along with 2 tablespoons of any dried herb of your choice. Add ¼ cup of red pepper and mix in a can of green chilies. You can also mix in diced olives. After you have prepared this mix, spread it on the tortillas and roll them. Diagonally cut the rolled tortilla at intervals of ½ inch to make the party pinwheels. Decorate them on a serving platter and serve your guests with some yummy pinwheels.

Recipe 2: Mini Kabobs

The mini kabobs are great summer appetizers; made out of fruits and light cheese, they are refreshing and also healthy. To make this, slice some inches of cheddar cheese, Roquefort and feta. Marinate the feta and the cheddar with white wine for 1-2 hours. Once the marinating time is over, place one cheese with a slice of a fruit of your choice then serve on a tray.

Recipe 3: Cherries Covered With Chocolate

Served as either snack or dessert, this particular party appetizer is one of the favorites among the crowds. This recipe is one of the easiest to make and you just need to pit the cherries and dip them in chocolate sauce. Place them on a wax paper until they are cool, and drizzle with white chocolate or grated almonds. Keep them in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve them.

Recipe 4: Crostini With Toppings

Usually crostini (small pieces of toast) have toppings of chicken or liver. But, you can put any toppings of your choice and serve it to your guests. Take any bread of small width and place the single layers in oven and cook for some time. Make sure that they don’t burn; you can optionally spread some olive oil on the bread pieces before toasting. Serve with some low fat toppings like, roasted yellow, red or orange peppers, low fat mozzarella slices, diced tomato along with basil, tuna or imitation crab and anything that you want.

The better the party appetizers are the more your guests will enjoy. With these great party appetizer ideas you are sure to win great applauses and those people will surely ask you for the recipes. So, the next time that you have guests coming over or suddenly someone pops up, keep these easy appetizer recipes in mind to make a quick snack for your guests.

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