Homemade Organic Pesticide

Better than making use of toxic chemicals for your plants, it is better to make use of homemade organic pesticides. The organic pesticides are easy to make and you can use some of the most common stuffs from your kitchen to make sure that these are safe for your plants. So, try out these easy homemade organic pesticides and do your bit to save the environment.

The first that you can make is the soap debug spray. For making this pesticide you need to mix one part of any soft liquid soap with 100 parts of water. This pesticide can be used against aphids and insects. When you spray this mixture on the affected plants, the spay removes the insects and the soap will prevent the breathing and eating capabilities of the insect. The remaining residue of the soap spray on the plant will prevent further infestation and also prevent the snails and slugs from eating away the plant.

If you do not have liquid soap handy, you can also make your own liquid soap. Grate a bar of a vegetable based soap and immerse the gratings into warm water. Approximately for a 150g bar, you can use 4 liters of warm water. Simmer the flame and stir it for 10 minutes and then decant the liquid. You can also add a little lemon juice. Making this liquid soap is a lot cheaper as compared to buying liquid soap from the market.

The second in line is the garlic or chili debug spray. This spray is found to be quite effective when the garden is infested. You can add some crushed garlic cloves or crushed chilies into the main soap debug spray. Let the mixture stand for a while until the ingredients are absorbed into the liquid. Filter the liquid to make sure that there are no lumps and spray it on the affected plants. The heat generated by the chilies and the smell of the garlic is resentful for the pests and insects and would definitely drive them away.

On the same hand, it is also important that you keep a watch on how the plants are reacting to the chili spray, as they can also burn the plant. Using the garlic spray regularly during the growth period of the plant can prevent any aphid attack and also keep other types of insect infestations at bay. These sprays can also be used inside the house to keep the ants away. Look out for the place from where ants are emerging and spray the area regularly with this chili garlic spray. These sprays also keep the animals like rabbits, deer and even dogs from going near the plants and devouring them.

You might also end up in making your own manure fertilizer for your garden if you are already used to the homemade organic pesticide. These homemade manures are also a good way to help your plants grow. The homemade pesticides and manures are a lot beneficial and effective when compared to the chemical fertilizers.

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  1. Kat Reply
    October 2, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    Seem like good ideas that I am going to try right away… hoping this also helps deter cats from houseplants. But certainly there is no commercial propaganda – purely the opposite!

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