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Picnics are the best way in which you can bond with friends, family members, colleagues and classmates. A picnic without any games can turn out to be boring. Having games would make it much fun for everyone and give them enough time to talk and understand each other. If you are going on a picnic and are not sure about what games to play, then here are some picnic games ideas that can help you in making your outing fun.

If no one is carrying music to the picnic, then take along a karaoke machine. Pick chits from among participants and have them sing the songs. The rest of the group can add the comments and you can also have a winner at the end of the game. This is a fun game that is enjoyed by everyone.

Races are the best ever picnic games that you can play. You can make your own ideas by having a couple of race and assign some tasks along to complete with the race. You can also have men to prove their strength by crossing some barriers. Some of the best races can be the potato sack race, the three-legged race, wheelbarrow race and the egg race. You can have gifts for the winners.

Young kids always enjoy games, especially the board games. Carry along cards and you can arrange card games for them. You can also play candy land, chutes and ladders, monopoly and many other board games. Set up a table for the kids and let them have their fun time. You can also organize some arts and craft activities for the kids and have the older ones supervised their activity.

Playing dumb charades is one of the all time favorites and is also one of the best games that involve everyone present. You can divide the members into two groups and have the opposing team guess the name of the movie that the other team has assigned. Charades is usually an indoor game but when you are out at a picnic, then you can have fun with all the people participating in it.

There are many parks that offer arrangements for picnickers. They might have a volleyball court where you can have girls versus guys match or pick names from the people and divide into two teams. If the place has a swimming pool then you can have some water sports. Everyone loves playing in water so it can be a great enjoyment for all the people who have come for the picnic. If there are some challenging trails then again you can divide yourself into groups of equal people and move to reach the assigned summit first.

Apart from these, you can also make your own games and suggest some ideas to the other people who have come for the picnic. The main aim of having games at the picnic is to have lots of entertainment and enjoy the time spent with each other. If you have good games no one will get bored at the picnic.

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  • Great article, I especially liked the charades and karaoke ideas. Some of my favorite picnic games are Throwing the Welly, Hula Hooping and Tug of War. Great activity games for working up an appetite or burning off those extra picnic meal calories!

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Jacob Mabille