How to Cure Cat Dandruff Effectively?


As a responsible cat owner, you should know what is good for your cat to keep it healthy and fit. You must also be aware that one of the most common problems of the cat is dandruff and that it should be treated immediately. You must find the reasons why the cat has this problem and from that point, you can look for effective methods to treat the problem.

It is basically known that the cat normally keeps clean by licking itself. It doesn’t really take baths except in cases when the cat owner decides to give a bath to it for grooming purposes. This is where the problem of cat dandruff sets in. Yet, there are effective ways to cure this problem and these are practical methods that are easy to do.

If you decide to give your cat a bath, do so sparingly. Remember not to use your own shampoo, any medicated shampoo or flea shampoo. These kinds of shampoos make the cat’s coat dry and will further worsen the cat dandruff problem. Ask the vet for a mild cat shampoo that would be good for your cat. Remember to use warm water to bath the cat. Don’t use hot water as this can be harmful to the cat’s coat. Make it a good habit to brush your cat’s fur to make the natural oils within the skin and fur to be evenly distributed over the cat’s body.

Check your cat’s diet. Most cat dandruff problems occur due to poor diet which means that the cat does not get enough nutrients from its food. Give your cat good quality foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids such as canned tuna. Remember to add some water or moisture to your cat’s diet and don’t rely too much on dry cat food. The cat needs water in its system which is a bit of a problem, because most of the cats don’t like water, and they drink it only when thirsty.

Try to check for any causes from the cat’s natural environment. If you observe that a carpet causes the cat to scratch often which can be considered as an early sign of dandruff, then the cat may have formed some allergy to it. It might be better to change the carpet or have the cat moved to another part of the house.

Make your cat stay indoors more often during hot weather, because the cat is prone to parasite infections. Let it outdoors preferably at sunset. If the house is hot and dry, it would be good to have a humidifier to keep moisture within the air. It’s not only healthy for the cat but good for you, too.

Go to the vet for further treatment. Cats are prone to have diabetes mellitus which is dandruff caused by diabetes. Check if your cat has diabetes or if your cat is overweight, ask the vet to recommend a good diet for your cat and some medications to treat the problem.

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