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Fish oil has a long and colorful history and it has been around since the time the single celled organisms mutated to multiple celled organisms. It is only recently that fish oil became popular due to the presence of Omega fatty acids in the oil and these can be used to cure many diseases as well as keep the person who is taking it healthy. Cod liver oil is a popular source of nutrients and supplements for children and similarly fish oil has become popular as one of the variants that can be used on children particularly when they are in the growing years. The variants of fish oil include cod liver oil and other compounds that were produced in England during the time of the Industrial revolution. However, due to the pollution of the rivers because of effluents from industries, the cod started to wither away and die. This led to a temporary halt to the use of cod liver oil.

Recent innovations on fish oil have tended to concentrate on the production of refined grade of fish oil and this leads to higher concentration of the Omega 3 fatty acids that are so essential to the composition of fish oil. This refined fish oil has been known to cure people of many ailments, and hence can be used to treat medical disorders. Many people eat fish instead of taking fish oil. However, the issue with this is not that eating fish on some occasions. It is with eating fish on a daily basis that would expose you to the harmful effects of the toxins and the contaminants in the fish. Hence, a better way to let fish oil is to take the pharma grade fish oil in small doses every day. There are several pharma companies that are developing refined grades of fish oil for domestic consumption.

Once you start taking the pharma grade fish oil, you would be getting enough dosages of the long chain Omega 3 fatty acids. You can then expect to have a better heart and your brain to be active and to let you concentrate on your daily work without loss of stamina or getting distracted when you are working. There is also enough evidence that it is anti inflammatory that can help you to lower the chances of cancer and other chronic diseases and can even prevent you from depression. The recent innovations in the manufacture of fish oil have concentrated on removing the saturated fat and distilled the fish oil in such a way that only the necessary fatty acids remain has made fish oil popular again.

Many doctors prescribe fish oil for children in measured doses and to be taken in such a way as to inculcate the habit of ingesting the fish oil so that they fare better at school and in their studies. Hence, it is incumbent upon you to make sure that your child takes regular and measured doses of fish oil for better health.

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