Training a Dog to Fetch

To avoid the development of aggressive behavior, it is essential to keep the dogs busy. One simple exercise is to take the dog for a jog along with you every day. It will be fun to have a partner for your jog but it would be more fun if you play with the dog. Especially, kids love to play with dogs. Dogs too love to play with kids. It would be a great fun for the kids to involve them in the training sessions. Of all the games, training a dog to fetch a ball is a best and easy. The following is some help for you on how to train a dog to fetch.

If you are planning to train a dog, you have to make certain rules for yourself. Rule number one is to never hit the dog or yell at it. Rule number two is to remain with patience even if the dog is slow learner. However, if you are very interested to train your dog in certain skills, it is better to purchase breeds that are good at picking up what we teach. Some dog breeds are very lazy and does not even show interest to learn.

Now on training a dog on how to fetch, start your training with the help of a ball. If you just throw the ball and ask it get it to you, it won’t. You should first draw the attention of the dog towards you. You can do this by just acting as if you are playing with the ball and by not paying any attention to the dog. Now, if the dog starts to gain interest towards the ball, throw the ball and it will run after it to get hold of it. When the dog gets that ball and starts towards you, start playing with another ball. Then, the dog will lose interest in what it is having and will leave the one with it. Now, throw the second ball. Like this, you can very easily train the dog to fetch a ball.

Once the dog is well trained to catch a ball, you can improve the efficiency level by training it catch a Frisbee by jumping for it. It would be more fun for the dog as well as to you.

For an effective training, it is essential to keep the dog motivated. You can do this by rewarding it whenever it catches a ball. You can offer good food or even a good hug will do. You can use words such as fetch, run and catch to ease the learning process. After some days, it is not just the ball, if you utter the word “catch”, it will run for and catch whatever you throw.

Some of the dog owners are very scared to leave the dog unleashed and start to train the dog with a leash. But, this is not a very effective process as the dog has to learn twice, initially with the leash and after that without the leash.

With all the above measures, it is your ability to train a dog that determines how fast your dog will learn to fetch.

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