Steps for Controlling Anger

Each and every one of us fall victim of the temper tantrum. It just takes about a second to hurt others by saying a word in anger but to regain the previous relationship that it may take a lifetime. Hence, it is highly essential to have control over your anger. Being anger not only disturbs you, but also others associated with you. It even ruins your health.

Most of us lose patience when we face unwanted situations after a great deal of work throughout the day. But, it is the time when you have to stay cool and take things easily. If you are very tired and cannot handle a situation, better postpone it for tomorrow rather than frustrating yourself. Kids are not aware of our state of mind and they behave in their regular manner. However, it is essential to not hurt those little hearts. Have patience, if you cannot gain control, involve them in some activity that gives you time to set your mind. But, putting into practice is thousand times hard than saying. Practice makes man perfect.

The following are simple five steps to control your anger:

• Whenever you feel out of control, try to obtain a way out of the situation. Now, count numbers one to ten in the reverse order. This will not only enable you to calm down but also diverts your mind. Thus, you will be in a better position to tackle the odds you do not like.

• Taking deep breathes helps to pump more oxygen into the blood vessels of the brain and puts them to rest from excitement. It is recommended to practice breathing exercises early in the morning regularly to gain control over the mind. Regular practice helps increase your patience levels, which automatically prevents you from becoming the victim of anger.

• Thought of the mind is the main culprit for anger. If you can divert your thoughts, you will automatically gain control over anger. Thus, involve yourself in some strenuous or interesting job you love to do. You can go for a walk, do gardening, cooking or cleaning, but make sure that you do not get into a messy job you hate. It will worsen the situation.

• If you do not like a particular decision try to see the other side of the coin. Think about the pros and cons of both the sides. Then you will definitely start to love the current situation. Sometimes, it is possible that a situation you love is not favorable to your partner. In such cases, discuss with them and take a decision that is favorable to both of you rather than forcedly implementing the one you hate.

• The best thing that enables you to gain control over your anger is to put yourself in others situation. Think how you will be hurt if others yell at you. This will immediately cut down your words. You will start to speak sensibly.

The above given five simple measures will definitely help you to gain control over your anger. They are very easy and do not need any prior experience or help.

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