Expressing Your Anger in a Healthy Way

Most of them ask you to shut your anger and do not express your feelings. But, I say that to safeguard your health, it is essential to let your feelings to be known by others. You should definitely let others know your feelings if you are ill treated or not given any respect to your personal feelings. It is also essential to maintain the relationships at the time of expressing the anger. Hence, the best way is to express your anger in a healthy manner.

You have to do a great deal of practice to let your anger stay in control. It is the women who are the main sufferers. They are very sensitive and they have a feeling that others might get hurt with their feelings and try to take up everything. But, this will finally ruin their health. The following are some tips that enable you to express your anger in a safe and healthy manner. This will not only serves as an outlet for you, but also enables others to know you’re hurt.

• Whenever you are angry, stay calm and do not utter even a single work. Once you calm down, talk to the person who has hurt your feelings. Tell them how it would be if they are in your shoes. This way of expressing helps a lot in maintaining marriages. Especially, men are short tempered and cannot resist even a slightest degree of inconvenience. Women should bear patience and explain them once they calm down instead of them to getting in rage.

• If you are dealing with members other than your family members. You may not have a chance to express your feelings after you calm down. In such cases, you have to let them know your feelings by expressing in a tactful manner. It is essential to use polished language rather than hurting manner. Your words should convey the message that you are hurt but at the same time others should not be hurt.

• Never blame a person whenever you let your feelings out. This will worsen the situation. Even if the other person is the culprit let him known in a neat manner rather than blaming them. Your acts should make them self realize their mistakes. This will strengthen the friendship or any other relationship. Try to talk with each other to avoid reoccurrence of similar situation.

• Forget the situation once you have discussed the matter with the other person. Never let it remain in the mind. This increases the chance of future anger attacks.

• If you are in a very worse situation that you cannot even talk to the person, come out of the site. Take the picture of the person who has hurt you badly and get all your anger on that photo. You will automatically cool down, without hurting the person. Later, have a talk with the person.

Hope the above tips are helpful to express your next episode of anger without hurting others as they have done.

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