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Water is one if not the most essential attribute that our body needs. In fact almost 70% of our body is made up of water. Without it we cannot function or ultimately survive. However, in today’s world it is not possible to always ensure that we are drinking safe and hygienic water. Many times, we will be confronted with situation where we have unknowingly consumed contaminated water. This contaminated water can have dangerous implications for the body and will affect our digestive system.

To combat contaminated water and hazardous chemicals found in the water, many people turn to reverse osmosis. A system of reverse osmosis removes anything that is larger or heavier than the water molecule.

Our bodies cannot survive on salt water. In fact, our bodies cannot even withstand it. The difference between salt and fresh water is that they are separated by semi permeable membrane. This allows fresh water to flow through the salt water. Reverse osmosis uses pressure to move the salt water through the membrane and filter out the fresh water which will be extracted.

Not only is the salt water separated from the fresh water, other harmful chemicals and minerals are also removed. These contaminants can come in all shapes and sizes and range from naturally occurring chemicals to these induce by industrialization and pollution. Impurities may be found at lesser levels which won’t really harm a person immediately but over a course of time, constant exposure can call illness as severe as liver damage and cancer. E coli, Chlorine, Lead, and Arsenic, Pesticides, Sulphur and Radioactive materials are just some of the chemicals that reverse osmosis can help to combat with.

In areas where fresh water sources are scarce, Reverse osmosis can be a cheap and safe way to desalinate seawater. Reverse osmosis is a generally easy formula to replicate, hence the surge of different home water systems in the market.

A reverse osmosis drinking water system can offer many advantages to a homeowner. This is especially true for homeowners who deal with water problems in their area. The unit consists of various kinds of filters, a storage tank for the water and a faucet which will release clean water when desired. A good system can remove anywhere up to 90% or more of the dangerous contaminants that would be found otherwise. As a bonus it will also remove any odor that the water may have.

The result of using a reverse osmosis system is simple. It gives you cleaner and safer water than your tap or well water would. Since we drink so much water and depend on it for our wellness, it is important to take measures which ensure that we have the best of it at all times.

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