Getting Rid of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones as indicated by the term, it means the presence of stones in the kidney. Presence of kidney stones is characterized by severe unbearable pain in the back that radiates to the sides and around the lower abdomen. The person also experiences a severe pain to pass the urine. Individuals who drink very less amount of water and those with a family history of kidney stones are more likely to develop them. When compared to women, men are at more risk of developing kidney stones. Kidney stones are generally made of calcium oxalates. It is essential to get rid of them at a very early stage. This article enlists some of the simple ways to get rid of kidney stones.

There are some home remedies you can try to get rid of kidney stones.

• Lemon juice serves as an effective remedy to get rid of kidney stones.

• Having about one tablespoon of juice extracted from either the basil leaves or tulsi leaves helps to get rid of stones within a period of one month.

• Prepare horse gram soup with 2 tsp of horse grams and have it along with the paste made from pomegranate seeds.

• Herb of great importance to get rid of kidney stones is the goldenrod.

• Prepare a soup by boiling linseeds in a cup of water. To this liquid, add lemon and honey to obtain relief from the stones, it is essential to consume this mix thrice a day.

• In some cases, it is possible to have bleeding due to the kidney stones. In such cases, herbs such as horsetail, shepherd’s purse, and St. john’s wart are effective to reduce the extent of bleeding.

If they are not effective, it is essential to consult a doctor without negligence. Your doctor may use any of the following methods to get rid of kidney stones.

• If the size of stones is very large, you may be given a shock treatment which involves the passing of the electric shock to the region of the stones. As a result, the stones breakdown into smaller ones and pass through the urine.

• Tunnel surgery is another method to get rid of the stones. This involves the making of an incision in the back through which the doctor dwells deep into the back to reach the point where the stone is located. Now, through this tunnel the stones are eliminated using special equipment.

• Ureteroscope is a device which the doctor uses to get rid of the stones. The instrument is inserted through the urethra to the point of the stone and the stone is pulled out with the help of the ureteroscope.

• If the stone has passed down the ureter and has reached the bladder, calcium channel blockers and alpha-blockers that increase the water pressure can be used to get rid of the stones.

When you have a doubt that you are suffering from kidney stones, cultivate the habit to drink more water. It avoids the risk of forming more stones. It even helps to get rid of the existing stones.

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