Cures for Piles

Piles refer to inflammation of the veins surrounding the rectum. They can be either internal piles or external piles. External piles are highly painful, but they do not bleed. Internal piles are not very painful but the irritating part of them is that they bleed. Sometimes, rupture of the veins results in severe bleeding. In more severe cases, the patients feel trouble to sit, pass the stools and experience intolerable pain after passing stools. Some people do not defecate with a fear of having the pain and thus develop constipation which worsens the condition even more. Passing hard stools will be even more painful.

Most of them have a notion that there is no treatment for piles. But, there are a great number of remedies available to cure piles. Some of them are listed below.

• Dry figs have a great power to cure piles. They do not directly act at the site. But, they act by reducing the pressure on the rectum by softening the stools. They have to be taken twice a day by soaking three to four figs in water. The water in which they were soaked should also be taken. The seeds of the figs are the active agents.

• If you have bleeding piles, then the best treatment for you is to have the powder made from dried mango seeds. One teaspoon of powder has to be taken twice a day.

• Jambul fruit is found to have a cleansing effect on the intestine. It is found that regular intake of the fruit in the season of their availability helps to get rid of the problem of piles forever.

• Radish is found to show excellent results in treating piles. It can be taken either in a grated form or as a juice with salt mixed in it. Application of radish juice over the piles helps to reduce the swelling and pain.

• Turnip leaves can be used to get rid of piles. For effective results this juice is mixed with equal quantities of spinach, carrot and water cress. Just as turnip leaves, bitter gourd leaves can also be used to treat piles. Application of paste made out of bitter gourd tree roots over the piles gives relief.

• Another simple home remedy for piles is a mix of ginger with lime juice and honey.

• Onion juice mixed with sugar helps to relieve the pain of piles.

• Enema with wheat grass juice helps to cure piles.

Apart from all the above simple remedies, it is essential to bring simple lifestyle changes to keep yourself away from the problem of piles. They include change in diet and regular practice of exercise. It is found that stress is the major factor for many illnesses. Hence, keep your mind free of stress by regular practice of exercises. Have a balanced diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables to reduce the problem of constipation. Thus, you can free yourself of the soaring pain of piles by means of above given simple remedies and by following simple lifestyle changes.

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