Cat Allergy Symptoms

Cat is a widely popular household pet. More than 50% household in the United States either own a cat or a dog. Despite being loved so much, there are bunch of people who are allergic to cats. If we consider the figures then more than 10 million individuals are diagnosed with cat allergy in the United States itself. Although cat allergy cannot be eradicated completely, they can be managed to a great extent.

Cat allergy symptoms are visible so an individual knows that he or she can do something about it. In rare cases, cat allergies might develop at a later stage which can pose some problems as you might have already been habitual to cuddling your pet.

There are many symptoms of cat allergy. It could be in the form of cold, cough, sore throat etc. It’s easy to get fooled by these symptoms not realizing that these are not the regular common cold or sneezing bout. Basically, if you experience these symptoms frequently then you are most likely allergic to cats. Rashes, itching, breathing problems, watery eyes and ringing ears are some other symptoms of cat allergy. There are individuals who are highly sensitive towards this allergy, and can immediately experience any of the above mentioned symptoms. In rare instances, an individual may also experience the onset of fever and chills. An individual may have to visit the doctor immediately in such cases.

There are many misconceptions revolving around the world when it comes to cat allergies. Most people are under the wrong impression that the prime suspect for cat allergy is its hair. However, this is not true. The real culprit responsible for cat allergy is the saliva of the cat. You will often notice your cat licking and cleaning its body. An allergic individual interacting with a cat will inevitably come in contact with this saliva, thus giving rise to any of the above mentioned symptoms.

If you can’t think of parting your lovely cat for the sake of this allergy, then can make a separate place installed with door flap for your cat inside the house. In this manner, you have your pet inside the house, and you also save yourself from cat allergies. Below are few more tips on how you can save yourself from cat allergies.

-Do not allow your cat to climb or sleep on your bed.

-Wash your hands immediately after coming in contact with your cat.

-Restrict the entry of the cat to one room inside the house.

-Groom your pet frequently.

-Clean the house almost every day or two.

Decongestants and antihistamines are the usual prescriptions used to deal with cat allergies, depending upon the kind of symptoms one is experiencing. It’s always recommended to visit a doctor for a complete check up, in order to receive an appropriate medication.

Instead of cursing the cat or getting rid of it, you could still own them if you are able to exercise the above mentioned precautionary measure. For most pet lovers, it’s hard partying away with this lovely creature, despite the cat allergy symptoms.

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