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Yeast infection or most commonly known as Candidiasis is caused by fungus. These fungus lives within the body on web surfaces such as mouth and vaginal area. Yeast infections commonly occurred when the immunity balance of the body is disrupted and gets lower. The good bacteria are being fought by the bad ones, when this happens infections occur. There are lots of causes of infections such as yeast infections. They can be any of the following:

1. Longer use of antibiotics. Antibiotics commonly kill even good bacteria in the body. When there’s nothing to guard the body, bad bacteria will take place and infection will occur.

2. Women using birth contraceptives are more prone to yeast infection. This pill promotes the overgrowth of fungus that lives inside the body.

3. Having unprotected sex can also be another cause. Although men are not visible to having yeast infection, you will more likely to get it from women through unprotected sex.

4. Pregnancy can also be another reason. During pregnancy, hormonal imbalance happens and this promotes the overgrowth of fungus that causes yeast infections.

5. Tight fitting underwear can also be another reason. When you don’t provide the space allotted for hair to evaporate freely, you are providing the bacteria the chance to develop.

Dealing with yeast infections can really be so hard, since it’s itchy and irritating. You can hardly concentrate when you have this. Although there are lots of prescription and non-prescription drugs you can buy, it’s hard to determine the cause that leads you on why you have this infection.

You can check with your doctor so you will be able to know what can be the best way to stop yeast from coming back. You will also be able to know what the cause is and how to avoid it. Taking care of your hygiene is essential. You need to know what to do to stop it from coming back since it is annoying not just to you but to your partner too. There are various ways to treat it when you cannot stand the pain and itch anymore:

• Antibiotics & steroids – although they can be harmful to you in the long run. You can use them provided you have prescription. You still need to attend with a medical expert so you will be able to know what the best brand for your particular needs is.

• Hormonal changes – discussing with your doctor about hormonal change can be one of the best thing to do. You should do this regularly if you are having problems with yeast and other kinds of vaginal infections.

• Low immunity and other medical conditions – when you practice high sugar diet, you are inviting more fungus. They live in sugary body so you should eliminate it from your diet to make sure you can easily overcome yeast infections.

Your diet is very vital for your compact health. When you want to stay fit, you should practice eating right so that you will be able to have a livelier body not just today but in the near future too.

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