Successful Appendicitis Recovery

If you are among those unlucky people who went through appendicitis, you are still lucky to surpass the process and still get back on the right track after those circumstances. Every people who went through a surgery want to be healed right away and go back to work. Appendicitis recovery isn’t that long. Even hospital recovery from appendicitis won’t be that long unless you’ve suffered complications and severe case.

After a few days in the hospital, you will also need to keep off from work for about 2 weeks or more if you are not yet ready by that time to go back to work and face a stressful life again. If you had laparoscopic surgery, 2 weeks of rest and recovery is almost enough to head on and go back to work again. But, if you went through the old traditional surgery method, you will need 3 weeks or more to be fully recovered from the surgery.

As you recover at home, you shouldn’t take it seriously. You need to get up from bed and walk few steps each day, don’t just lie down. It will cause you blood clots if you continue to be lazy and just sit or lay down all day. Blood clots most likely to happen when you are not moving your legs, you should also check for any unusual infection which may also occur during this time. You should always check for swelling of the incision area because this is prone to infection.

By this time, you can eat solid foods, provided they are healthy and balanced. Staying away from vices such as alcoholic drinks and cigarettes will save you from the dilemma or slow recovery. This time is crucial for you and your body. As the healing process takes place, you should help your body. Eating the right types of food and allowing your body to rest and get the nutrients you need will lead you to a faster recovery that you are longing for.

Now that your appendix is gone, you need to take care of your body and your digestive tract carefully. There may be some areas of your digestive tract which can be inflamed if you don’t be careful with your diet.

By eating high fiber diet you will be able to help your digestive tract as it goes back to its normal routine. As you eat the right amount and types of food your body needs, you also need to take plenty of water; this will help you in flushing away toxins that are not needed by the body. You can be healthy without your appendix if you will just stick to the right diet allotted for you not just by your doctor but also by your body. As you listen to your body when it comes to signals on what’s wrong with your body parts. You should also help yourself not just by eating right but by also by doing something inside the house. Some light activities can help you get back on track during your recovery period.

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