How to Get a Child to Eat After Having the Stomach Flu

There’s nothing new in having stomach flu especially with children. It is just a common problem of parents these days. It can be because of the weather or it can be because of viruses and germs in the environment. When your child gets sick, you’re most likely to blame it on the weather and something else. Stomach flu isn’t alike as the ordinary flu; it’s about gastrointestinal problem where one may experience stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea and others. This isn’t a serious problem because you can be fine after a few days.

Although it’s sad to say that there is no vaccine or treatment for stomach flu. Those who experienced it most likely recover after a few days. If you suffer from vomiting, just don’t eat solid foods, it will make you feel better to take liquids for awhile until you get better. Oral rehydration salts are needed during this time.

There are lots of rehydration salts for kids; they come in different attractive flavors they will surely love. These drinks are full of electrolytes which are needed by the body during this time. Since there’s no immediate cure for this particular situation, oral rehydration supplements will serve as your first aid to replace the electrolytes lost during vomiting and diarrhea.

Once you stop or your kids stopped vomiting, you can make them it chicken soup, gelatin and other clear foods. As you get better, you can start introducing bland foods like pretzels, crackers, bananas and noodles. Children will be encouraged to eat when you let them have pretzels, popsicles and others. As your digestive system gets better, you can start going back to normal and usual foods you eat.

You should keep in mind that intestinal flu can be a contagious disease. It can be spread from person to person, so whoever in family had it, it can still be transferred to another person. You should always wash your hands when handling foods or when you went to the toilet. You might spread more germs and viruses than you expect. There are lots of myths and facts about intestinal flu which you need to know to avoid some of them and follow the facts. Here are few of myths and facts you should know:

Myth: Water is best for hydration

Fact: It doesn’t contain electrolytes needed by the body to sustain what’s lost during the time you were vomiting or having loose bowel.

Myth: Coke can settle the stomach from cramping

Fact: Cherry soup or syrup from fruit cocktails can be the best one not the coke. Gatorade or pedialyte is best for kids.

Myth: It’s ok to drink soda when you have stomach flu

Fact: Carbonated drinks should be limited during this time. Your body cannot absorb all the electrolytes you need when you go for carbonated drinks.

Myth: Cheese and ice cream binds the stomach to its normal level

Fact: The lactose they contain won’t do you good during this time.

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