Natural Angular Cheilitis Cure

Angular cheilitis is a skin disorder that is seen in people with dry skin. The problem is aggravated in winter months during which the skin becomes even drier. What actually is angular cheilitis? It refers to the splits in the skin especially in the corners of the mouth. It will be very painful even to open the mouth. In most of the cases, even regular use of moisturizers also proves to be useless. Here in this article are some of the natural remedies to cure angular cheilitis. So, if you are one of the victims of angular cheilitis help yourself with the following tips.

Having a balanced diet protects you from a great number of disorders. Cheilitis results due to deficiency of vitamin B. So, if you watch out your diet, you can avoid the problem to a great extent. Green leafy vegetables and dairy products are good sources of vitamin B. Hence, consuming them in greater quantities reduces the problem. You can have them in the form of salads or mixed with dhal. Having good amount of leafy vegetables not only improves cheilitis but also helps to improve the constipation problem as they are rich in fiber. Other rich sources of vitamin B include liver, lean meat, peanuts, whole grain cereals, cauliflower, cabbage, potatoes and bananas. There is yet another benefit of having a balanced diet is having a perfect immune system that fights very well against bacterial infections. Individuals with stronger immune system are less prone to the attack of angular cheilitis. Iron deficiency is also found to cause angular cheilitis in some people. Hence, it is essential to take iron supplements if you are regularly suffering with angular cheilitis. Consulting a physician would be helpful.

Apart from taking care of diet you should take care of certain facts if you have angular cheilitis. As the affected area remains dry, you may get tempted to wet the corners of the mouth with saliva. But, never do that. It will slow the healing process as the saliva makes the skin more irritated and painful. The damp medium also promotes the bacterial growth that worsens the condition further more. Avoid having citrus foods such as oranges and lemons as they are rich in acid content which irritates the skin.

Another factor that is to be taken care of to prevent angular cheilitis is to maintain perfect hygiene. You have to brush your teeth regularly. Negligence of oral hygiene promotes the bacterial growth that aggravates the problems of angular cheilitis. If you use dentures, then it is important that you clean them regularly and wear correct fitting dentures. Soaking the dentures overnight in a solution prepared by mixing one part of bleach in ten parts of water helps to keep the dentures clean and free of bacterial contamination. If there is any irregularity of the dentures, there is a chance that you will easily develop angular cheilitis. It is also essential to avoid the use of metallic dentures.

It is essential to care of cheilitis in the early stage. If you suffer with angular cheilitis for a month or so, there is a great chance that your skin gets scarred. The scar may take a long time to disappear. Hence, get rid of it immediately to avoid scars.

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