Endometriosis and Vegan Diet

Endometriosis refers to the extreme pain during the menstruation and while having intercourse. It is also characterized by heavy bleeding, pain in the pelvic region and the lower back. It is found that long term exposure to toxins and increased use of antibiotics is the major cause of endometriosis. In more severe cases, the endometrial tissue forms cysts in the ovaries, vagina or in the bladder. The formation of cysts causes severe pain during the intercourse and during the menstrual cycle. Endometriosis also makes conceiving a difficult task.

What is happening in endometriosis? In patients with endometriosis, the inner lining of the uterus termed as endometrium sheds off some cells into the pelvic region. The cells activate the immune system that results in local inflammation and hence the pain. Some of the medical specialists say that simple changes in diet and lifestyle help to obtain relief from endometriosis. This article focuses on the importance of vegetarian diet in obtaining relief from endometriosis.

It is found that the diet rich in fiber and low in fat content helps to obtain relief from endometriosis. Fresh fruits and vegetables are invaluable sources of fiber. Whole grain cereals are also good sources of fiber. It is recommended to have good amount of green leafy vegetables in the form salads. For salad dressing, it is recommended to use flax seed oil. It is found that flax seed oil is found to have lignans, a type of fiber that is thought to control the production of estrogen.

It is recommended to consume foods that play role in maintaining the secretion of estrogen in a well balanced state. Vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and broccoli have hormone balancing capacity. Hence, it is recommended to include these vegetables in the regular diet. Protein rich foods such as beans and legumes have compounds that help to lower the estrogen level. Therefore, they help to reduce the problem of endometriosis.

If you wish to obtain relief from endometriosis then you must stay away from fatty foods such as dairy products, red meat, refined sugary products and caffeine.

In addition to having vegetarian diet, it is recommended to consume supplements such as choline and methionine that help to regulate the levels of estrogen. Vitamin E and omega-3-fatty acids are found to regulate inflammation. Fish oils can be taken to meet the needs of omega-3-fatty acids.

Apart from having a vegetarian diet, it is recommended to practice exercises for some time. Apart from keeping the body in perfect condition, it is found that exercise helps to reduce the levels of estrogen and also helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles. However, it is recommended to avoid doing exercises if you have severe pelvic pain.

Another important factor to be take care of in addition to diet and exercise is stress. It is found that stress increases the secretion of estrogens. It also affects the eating habits. Hence, it is recommended to keep you free of stress.

Thus, by consuming a vegetarian diet and practice of regular exercises, you can easily gain control over the problem of endometriosis.

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