How to Tweeze Your Eyebrows

The eyebrows can do wonders to your face. It can shape the frame of your face. The eyebrows should be trimmed well to keep a more polished look. Just remember some pointers to tweeze your eyebrows like a pro and you would get the best results.

Make sure that your hands are clean. Use good and clean tweezers. Get a good mirror to clearly see what you are doing. Brush your brows up and trim out the hair that are beyond your natural brow shape and do the same when brows are brushed down trimming off extended hair beyond the brow shape. Pluck below your brow line, not above it. Pluck one hair at a time and pluck out to the nearest hair root as possible. Avoid over plucking your eyebrows.

To shape your eyebrows, use a nude eyebrow pencil to form an outline of your ideal eyebrow. Place the eyebrow pencil vertically alongside your nose; the area where the pencil tip touches your brow is the edge of the brow where you can start to form the shape. Place your eyebrow pencil parallel to the edge of your outer eye; the area where the tip of your pencil hits the brow would be the mark to arch your brow. As for the end of your brow, diagonally place the pencil from your nose, the area where the edge of the pencil hits is where your eyebrow should end.

Now that you have marked down carefully where to start your brow, where to make the arch and where to end your brow, try to follow this shape as much as possible by plucking following the contour of the outline you have made. Then, you can use your eyebrow pencil and simply apply some easy light strokes on your brow to add some color. You can fill in some thin areas by using your eyebrow pencil. Try to make your brows look as natural as possible. You can also make use of an eyebrow brush to smoothen out your brows for a more finished look.

For more beauty tips to keep your eyebrows like trimmed by a pro, take care of your tweezers. Maintain the firm grip by regularly cleaning the tips with alcohol to get rid of dirt. Have your tweezers sharpened if they become dull, or replace them with new ones. If your eyebrows are naturally thin with some spaces within the brows, you can fill them up by placing brown shadow on your brows, making sure that the strokes are light just enough to cover the brows with a more natural appearance. You can also use the eyebrow pencil to fill in the spaces, and then lightly rub the brows with your fingertips to come out with a softened look.

As for added information, you can stimulate the growth of your eyebrows by gently massaging your brows with a toothbrush. Brow gel keeps natural thick brows in place or use a bit of hairspray to do the trick.

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