How to Get Beautiful Bold Lips

If you want to emphasize your lips as the main feature of your face, there are natural ways on how to go about this. This is still a part of your beauty regimen that you have to maintain for as long as you want to feel attractive. Having a beautiful bold lips will add more to your sex appeal and boosts your confidence to feel as pretty as any model icon you might have in mind.

First, you have to take care of your lips. For chapped lips, apply lip balm daily at night to keep lips moisturized. Now, to get those beautiful bold lips, just simply do the following:

• Smoothen out your lips by gently brushing your toothbrush across the lips to get rid of residue or dead skin.

• Moisturize with lip balm, wait for about 5 minutes so that balm can penetrate into the lips.

• Use a lip liner to outline your lips starting just from the edge of the lips until you cover the entire lips area.

• Choose a bold colored matte lipstick by applying at the center of your lips then going to the outer corners of the lips. You can also use a lip brush to apply the lipstick on your lips. If your lipstick is not matte, just apply the lipstick just the same, use soft tissue to blot some lipstick, and then apply some thin coat of translucent powder to create a fresh look. Now, you have your beautiful bold lips to show!

For thinner lips, this beauty tip can be helpful. To make them bigger, outline the lips with a nude lip liner. Outline your lips just on top of the natural lip line; don’t go over this to avoid looking like a clown. Then apply lip gloss on your lips. For your bottom lip, use a lip liner that is 2 or 3 shades darker than the lip color that you intend to use; line your bottom lip with this lip liner. Then, simply apply lip gloss over the lips and this would result to a bold sexy pout look that you may want to project.

There are some more beauty tips to remember to have beautiful bold lips.

• Matte lipstick is long lasting and durable to use and good for daywear.

• Glossy lipstick makes your lips to have a fuller look but it is less lasting and needs to be re-applied to maintain its pretty look on the lips.

• Always remember to choose the right color that would go with your complexion; if you are on the pinkish side, choose lipstick in shades of plum to draw out your lips. If you have yellowish complexion, have a bright red with a brown base color for the stunning effect.

• If your lips are the main focus on your face, the rest of your makeup should be lighter.

Just remember to keep your poise and maintain that sophisticated look. Feel confident with your beautiful bold lips and have fun!

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