How to Get a Rich Man to Notice You

Most women like decent men who have good qualities that go along with that decency – sense of humor, a good conversationalist and good looks. Maybe it would be good if the man is rich too. It may be wishful thinking, but you may get some good tips on how to make a rich man notice you.

For starters, look at your physical self. That means taking a hard look on how you dress up, how you fix yourself and the overall physical look. Avoid wearing clothes that make you look like a rock star or an over-dressed glamour girl. Avoid too many colored dangling accessories and fake jewelry because this is a turn-off. Try to wear more sophisticated styles that would look good on you. Be attractive and stunning, a bit sensual but don’t overdo it. Make sure that your hands are clean and your nail polish is the daintiest color that you can use on your nails to go along with that sophisticated and sweet look.

• Be aware of your body. If you need to lose weight, then do exercises and have a health regimen to keep your body fit. Just remember to look healthy, not too thin and not too fat either. A rich man like most men likes to look at a woman who has a good physique that goes well with her outfit.

• Take care of your hair. It is your crowning glory and a rich man may be attractive to beautiful hair. Keep your hair clean, fresh and healthy. Ask assistance from a good hairstylist to style your hair that would look good on you.

• Take care of your face. Make sure you have clear and smooth skin. Avoid heavy makeup especially bold colored lipstick and dark eye makeup. Try to have a more natural look emphasizing your good features like your eyes.

• Practice good manners always. Avoid using vulgar or obscene language. Remember not to bite your nails if you have that habit, cover your mouth when you have to yawn and talking with your mouth full. Always be courteous in your manners. If you need help about this, read some books about good manners to guide you.

• Practice good hygiene all the time. Do your basic proper grooming of taking a bath and cleaning your whole body. Make sure that your skin is clean and smooth. Get rid of unwanted hair in the body parts like the armpits and legs. Get a manicure and pedicure to add to your attractive look.

If you have tattoos on some of your body parts, make an effort not to show them all when you are wearing your outfit. Many rich men may not go for tattoos. Just like tattoos, body piercing on you doesn’t attract rich men. Just avoid too many pierces especially on your ears. A pair of decent earrings on your ears is good enough. If you don’t have tattoos or body piercings yet, better not get these if you are really serious about your goal of meeting rich men. Best of all, be positive. If you want to meet a rich man, then think rich and feel it. It might just work.

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