Liver Damage Due to Alcohol Abuse

These days, men and women regardless of the age are fond of drinking alcohol. This is their way of escaping their uncertainties in life and some problems they are facing. A person who drinks alcohol regularly gets used to it. The liver and other parts of the body produced enzymes to break the organisms from the alcohol. Most people don’t know and are not aware of result of introducing alcohol to their system. Heavy drinking can damage the liver, the kidney and other organs of the body.

Liver disease because of excessive alcohol drinking comes in stages. Fatty liver, which is a result of excessive fats in the liver may cause swelling and bloating. The human body is specifically designed to treat itself and to aid healing when needed. The fatty liver is not as serious as you think. You should be aware that this can still be healed if the liver will be given enough time without alcohol. After awhile, the fatty liver problem will be gone. But, when a person continuously push through in drinking alcoholic beverage, this problem will get worse and the body will work hard to eliminate the excess alcohol it have.

Liver disease due to alcohol intake will not take effect overnight. It will take years before the result actually arises. The greater the consumption of alcohol you consume and the longer you practice it, the greater is your risk of having a liver disease later on in life. Avoidance is still healthier than treatment. If you want to live longer, don’t be abusive of your body. According to a study, women who are heavy drinkers are more susceptible to liver problems than men. Most often than not, the disease cannot be determined earlier. It can be seen when it’s on its advance stage where no medications can react to the effect of the damage. Here are some of the common symptoms you should be aware off:

1. Loss of appetite

2. Jaundice

3. Nausea

4. Abdominal pain

5. Fever

6. Ascites

7. Weight gain

8. Mental problems

9. Excessive thirst

10. Dry mouth

11. Fatigue

Here are some common symptoms for severe liver problem:

• Blood in the vomit

• Blood in the bowel

• Abnormal skin color

• Redness on hands and feet

• Paleness

• Fainting

• Increasing heart rate

• Sluggish

• Hardness to concentrate

• Agitation

• Fluctuating mood

• Attention deficit

• Impaired judgment

The most sought after treatment is to remove alcoholic drinks from your diet. Those with liver problems should be on a high carbohydrates and high fiber diet. This is to prevent protein break down which is the primary role of the liver. Alcohol rehabilitation program is very important for people who are suffering from severe alcoholism. You need to consult your doctor whenever you feel anything unusual. It is very essential for you to have a balance diet and well managed lifestyle. It will be your strongest aid in fighting certain diseases.

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