How to Relieve Dysmenorrhea

Every woman experiences the agony of having a monthly period and the pain it brings. It’s the same old story you’ll experience every month. Nausea, vomiting, lower back pain, irritability and lower abdominal pain is very common during this time. Most women often say that having menstruation is like having monthly curse. A menstrual cramp usually affects teenagers and those who don’t have any child. This painful experience is not serious but the pain and discomfort drives affected women crazy.

Dysmenorrhea is primarily the cause of the body’s releasing a large amount of hormones which is known as prostaglandin. This hormone triggers the uterine and muscle contraction. During menstrual period, the uterus contracts and expels the lining. Although their dysmenorrhea anguish is not as serious at it may seems severe pain can be due to other causes which can be very serious. If you happen to experience serious pain, you should consult your doctor to prevent other kinds of ailments.

Relieving from painful cramps is not as complicated as you think. There are lots of over the counter drugs which you can buy to relieve your discomfort. There are home remedies and over the counter drugs which you can use, they are the following:

1. Dong Quai – It is a famous herbal energizer that provides treatment to circulatory and gynecological dysfunction. It was being used by Chinese herbalist whenever someone goes to them to ask for help. Its analgesic and hormone balancing properties aids in regulating hormonal imbalance which is often associated with dysmenorrhea.

2. Pot Marigold – Its anti inflammatory and pain killing effect is very essential in treating abdominal pain. Its calming effect is very essential to affected women.

3. Chasteberry – Provides harmonizing effect to improve the reproductive health of women having problems with abdominal cramps.

4. Pasque flower – It has been found to be very useful by Native American Indians centuries back. They are using it to induce pregnant women. It has been proven to give enough capacity to promote reproductive health.

5. Hot compress – It is one of the first aid remedy given to women suffering from abdominal cramps. It’s the cheapest form of first aid which can really provide relief.

There are over the counter drugs you can use which can give the relief you need to go through your daily activities without hassles. You don’t have to bear the pain of dysmenorrhea because there are lots of herbs and non-prescription drugs you can use nowadays. There are some doctors that advised their patients to eat complex carbohydrates rich foods, low sugar diet, fruits and vegetables. These foods are said to provide lesser risk of having a painful pre-menstrual syndrome.

Although it has been said that pain killers can give long term relief, you cannot just rely on taking these drugs as they can be harmful to you in the long run. Home and herbal remedies can be the best in providing your needs. Taking herbs and combining it with a healthy diet will be very efficient for your dysmenorrhea.

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