The Pros and Cons of Vaccinating Children

Vaccination issues are always the subject of a warm conversation between educated individuals and non-educated ones. It is very vital for so many people to know the importance of vaccination since it will provide a lifelong result. Every child should be vaccinated to keep them away from diseases that are popping around. Being a responsible parent included your ability to understand why you need to have your child vaccinated. There are lots of doctors who are very much interested in exerting effort to provide parents with awareness.

During the early life of a child, they are very prone to infections and diseases because their immunity is not that strong yet. This period is the most crucial because during this time, mortality is higher than the later years of their life. Because of numerous myths, most parents are bothered about the effect of the vaccination than the disease itself. There are lots of things to consider before a doctor can conduct a vaccination. The welfare of the child is always on the top of everything. It is very important to ensure your child is well and without any infection. Infections will certainly hinder the effect of any vaccine. The pros and cons of child vaccination is a hot topic until now. To know more about it, take a look at the following:


• Your child will be safe during the first years of his life.

• Mortality can be prevented even in dangerous and life threatening diseases.

• When your child catches diseases now or later on in life, he’ll likely to have it milder than you expect.

• Contagious diseases can be prevented especially if your child is on his pre-school years.

• The risks of complications are lower than those who don’t go through vaccinations.


• You need to ensure that your child is free from any illness every time you take him for vaccination.

There are lots of advantages to tackle about than disadvantages. Vaccination process is a necessity. It is a preventive measure for your child’s benefit. It will prevent the disease from accumulating; it cannot be passed from one person to another easily. When a larger number of populations are vaccinated, expect a fewer number of people that can catch a disease. People susceptible to disease should have enough vaccines to help them be protected. It is very important to take care of your child by letting him have enough vaccines to protect him. It is not enough to give birth to your child. You should ensure that your child is safe not just through his motor development but also physically and emotionally. You should consult your child’s pediatrician to make sure that you are giving him the right vaccination for his age.

These days, where there are various diseases sprouting. It is important to always make sure that your child is updated when it comes to vaccines. It’s your most precious security for your child since you cannot monitor him 24/7 of his life.


  1. Although I also agree with vaccinations of children, I would certainly be more unbiased than this article and give more information.

  2. This article was completely biased, and only provided obvious information that anyone with a pulse should know.

  3. As said in previous comments, this article is completely biased. The majority of people who catch the diseases that there are vaccines for are the ones who have been vaccinated against them! Although, the ones who contract the disease and are not vaccinated have more severe problems.

    What about all of the toxic additives in those vaccines? And the injuries caused by them?

    How about comparisons of vaccine deaths vs deaths by those diseases?

  4. Where is the evidence that vaccination is dangerous and causes harm to people? Today you have to present good reason for people to give their children the shots. There are plenty of people who are convince not to vaccinate and don't. They are winning the battle more and more every day. Are the vaccines toxins or what?

  5. I felt that in the cons it was all about the pros. But I can't see anything that is full of toxins and fillers being good for our children.

  6. Good, wish there were more cons…

  7. I have been doing a lot of research on this topic and it would be more beneficial for the reader if this article included more than one side of the issue.

    The author is expressing his bias opinion rather than providing the reader with facts from both sides and letting that person draw a conclusion from the facts provided.

  8. This article is very biased and one sided. Saying that someone is not a good parent because they choose to not vaccinate.

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