Natural Remedies for Post Nasal Drip

A post nasal drip happens when the sinuses produced excessive mucus. This extra mucus accumulates in the throat and at the back of the nose. It is the cause of rhinitis, sinusitis, and acid reflux without heartburn symptoms. In some cases, the allergy being experienced by an individual can be seasonal or it can be for the whole year, depending on the allergens involved. There are some things that also triggers post nasal drip such as pregnancy and birth control pills. They elevate the level of estrogens inside the body.

When you wake up every morning with a sore throat or hacking cough, it can be due to post nasal drip. The mucus’ primary role is to sweep away the bacteria and viruses that cause infections. It acts as a broom that clears out the nasal passages. Over production of mucus can result to uneasy feeling since you may be experiencing a horrible itchiness on your throat. There are many factors that trigger mucus productions, they are the following:

1. Allergies

2. Air pollution

3. Cold air

4. Colds and flu

5. Deviated septum

6. Dusts and smoke

7. Sinus polyps

8. Pregnancy

9. Sinus infections

10. Medicines

11. Change of weather

Knowing that the causes and triggers mucus productions will help you lessen the chances of having a post nasal drip. When it comes to finding remedies, the first thing you need to do is check your kitchen; you might find the things you need to be relieved from the anguish nasal problem brings you. You may try the following if you want to be relieved from post nasal drips:

• Salt – by simply gargling salt in warm water. This will help soothe minor sore throat.

• Baking soda – 1 cup of warm water, 1tsp. of salt, a pinch of baking soda when mixed together can be a perfect nasal spray. You can use a syringe and squirt the mixture onto your nose will help you relieved from your situation.

• Water – drinking lots of water will help you a lot. This can be your common defense against excessive mucus productions.

• Balance diet – having a healthy lifestyle will help you solve your problem. You can lessen the problem by eating lots of fruits and vegetables and avoid overeating foods rich in preservatives.

In taking care of yourself to lessen the attack of post nasal drips, you need to know what triggers the cause. By simply determining what causes your allergy, you will be able to avoid it and stop the agony of having a sore throat often. Your home should always be clean, dusts contains allergens that are not visible to the human eyes.

You should protect yourself from the things that triggers post nasal drips. If you are triggered by the sudden change of weather and temperature, you should have a cozy home and room which you can easily adjust the temperature. This will aid you to have a relaxing feeling without fearing allergies.

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