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Children no matter they are normal or handicapped, they love games of any types. However, if you are handling handicapped children then there should be special games for them keeping in mind their condition and also keep them engaged in the games. It should also be kept in mind that though the child is handicapped, it does not mean that he or she is mentally impaired. So, while thinking of game ideas you should just be careful about the physical activity. Here are some great game ideas for handicapped children.

• Word games are one of the best options for handicapped children. Depending on the type of handicap whether the children can move their hands or not. Children who are confined to wheelchairs, for them the word games are the best. You can even get specially designed word games for handicapped children. Other word games include scrabble, crossword games and yahtzee.

• Arrange for a game of sounds. Depending on the age of the children, you can have them seated quietly and make them write down the names of the animals whose sounds they hear.

• Engrossing the handicapped children in interesting things like making them learn about nature can be entertaining for them. Take up a category like in animals’ cats or dogs and name the alphabets according to the breeds.

• Make up an interesting game like have some beans placed in a bowl and ask the children to transfer all the beans to a plate with the help of a chopstick.

• Get two balls of different sizes. Make the children sit in a circle and ask them to pass the small ball. When the small ball reaches halfway then have the bigger ball start rotating. The bigger ball can move in either direction, but the small ball has to move only in one direction. The idea is to catch the smaller ball with the bigger ball. This game is fun and keeps the children engaged for a long time.

• Connecting words, you can make the children sit in a circle and have one child sit in the center. Have a ball rotated in the circle and as the ball moves the child has to link one topic to another for example snow, snowflakes, snowballs, snowman and so on.

• Divide the children into pairs and arrange a basket at one end of the room. Get some balls in a bucket and have one child blindfolded. One passes the ball and the blind folded child throws towards the basket on the instructions of the partner.

• Divide the children into pairs. Get a canvas and a color marker. Make the children stand not facing each other. Give an item to one of the children and ask him or her to describe and the other partner has to draw the item based on the description of the partner.

These games are not only fun but help the children to interact with each other and perceive things in a better manner. With these excellent game ideas you will surely bond well with the handicapped kids and help them develop better.

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