Garlic Shrimp Pasta Recipe

Shrimp is as incredibly versatile type of fish, with a very delicate and fresh flavor that is usually enhanced by stronger ones, rather than being overwhelmed by them. Chili, lemon, cream cheese and honey are all very much complimentary to shrimp, but there’s one flavor that beats them all by a mile, and that’s garlic.

Garlic shrimp pasta recipe is one that is incredibly easy to cook and a great dish to teach anyone who doesn’t yet know how to cook.

Garlic Shrimp Pasta Recipe

You can use any type of shrimp, even the smallest frozen kind (so long as they’ve been defrosted properly), but of course they taste best when bought fresh with the shells and tails still attached. You don’t need to remove the tails to cook the shrimp, but you should remove the heads and wash them at least once before cooking. So first of all, prepare the shrimp and leave them in a bowl while you heat up a pan of water for your pasta. Serve one handful of shrimp and 50g spaghetti per person. The type of pasta you use is also your choice. Spaghetti, linguini or tagliatelli are best, but you can use smaller types such as fusilli or penne if that is all you have in the house.

While you’re heating the water and waiting for it to reach a rolling boil, throw your washed and de-headed shrimp into the a hot pan with one tbsp olive oil and fry for about 3 minutes or until they are cooked. Turn down the heat to low/medium, remove them and place them in a bowl. Going back to the pasta, add a glug of olive oil to the water once it has boiled and then add the pasta after. The oil stops the pasta from sticking to the bottom of the pan.

Next, chop or crush your garlic (one clove per person). Shallow fry this in a the same pan as the shrimp on a medium to low heat for about a minute. Add a large knob of butter, half a cup of white wine and season with black pepper. Let this simmer for 10 to 15 minutes, but add the shrimp near the end to keep them hot and let the flavors soak into the fish meat. Drain off the pasta, add it too the shrimp and garlic sauce, mix and serve!

As a slight alternative to the original garlic shrimp pasta recipe you can add some chili peppers to spice things up. The type of pepper you choose to use will depend on your individual tastes and tolerance for this kind of heat. It’s incredibly easy to grow your own Tabasco peppers from seeds, indoors on the kitchen windowsill if you plant them in spring too. Once they’ve grown simply freeze the peppers and use them one at a time so they don’t go moldy. This way, the spice garlic shrimp pasta recipe is one that you can make throughout the whole year and the only fresh ingredient you need to buy is the shrimp itself.

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